Best Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis – Benefits & Buying Guide

Plantar fasciitis is among the most common causes of exquisite heel pains. The affection occurs when the plantar fascia – a fibrous tissue connecting toes and heels – is inflamed. At this point, discomfort kicks in and it aggravates. Sooner or later, you will barely be able to walk. Causes include tissue stretching and longterm stress. Small tears will develop on the surface of this tissue too, leading to even more pains. With time, the condition will only go worse, so you need to figure out how to keep it under control.

Choosing the best slippers for plantar fasciitis will work wonders. It is one of the first recommendations you will get from doctors. Sure, shoes for outdoor uses are also recommended, but you need to rest and walk properly while at home too. Most people are unaware of the requirements of this affection, so you will have to do a bit of research before making a final decision. All in all, here is everything you need to know to purchase the right set of slippers.

Benefits of choosing the best slippers for plantar fasciitis

Slippers with arch support can help you keep the affection under control and rush the healing process. Arch support is critical because the respective tissue will no longer get hundreds of pounds of pressure for every step you make. Most people are aware of the necessity of arch support, but they mostly hunt it in running or gym shoes. The truth is a comfortable pair of slippers is just as important in the process, as you are likely to walk a lot inside your home too.

So, what are the benefits of getting the best slippers for plantar fasciitis?

Better blood circulation

Supportive slippers are not helpful against plantar fasciitis only, but they come with a bunch of extras too. For example, they are excellent if you often end up with numb feet or painful sensations due to poor circulation.

How do these slippers help then? Pretty simple – they ensure an optimal position of your feet, which will encourage and maintain the blood circulation throughout your legs. With time, all those numbing sensations will become history.

Less painful sensations

Whether it comes to plantar fasciitis or other affections of your feet, the lack of support will inevitably lead to excruciating pains. You will barely be able to walk, especially after long times of resting – such as in the morning. The first steps will be a nightmare.

Proper support can reduce the pressure on the tissue. Therefore, pains will be reduced. You will be able to go on with your daily activities and even go to work. From many points of view, proper support is more about feeling good.

Extra comfort

Professional slippers for plantar fasciitis will provide support and flexibility. You will be able to move and get on with your daily chores – take long walks, go to work and so on. The best part? You can forget about the next day’s pain.

Sometimes, pains occur as you step. Every step will be a challenge. Other times, you might be able to go through a day with no issues at all, only to experience these pains the next day. Having support eliminates these issues.

Excellent balance

Have you ever wondered why your sole is shaped with that arch? Well, it has something to do with your balance. The lack of support will inevitably affect your balance if you have to deal with plantar fasciitis, causing further problems.

Great balance ensures a good posture and healthy movements. It is healthy and it targets your entire body. Indeed, it starts with your feet, but balance is mandatory for your whole body. Problems that may seem unrelated can actually occur anywhere.

Less swelling

Swelling may occur from more causes. Sometimes, it could be related to a health problem. Other times, long working hours may cause the same issues, not to mention long flights. If you tend to have such problems, slippers with arch support will certainly ease them.

Support increases the blood flow and ensures a good alignment. Swelling often occurs when you lack them. Apart from being a hindrance to mobility, the swelling also leads to painful sensations. Therefore, support will keep you moving.

Your style

It may sound funny, but to most people, support comes second. You see people struggling with super uncomfortable shoes that look good. They would rather look good than feel good. Finding the best slippers for plantar fasciitis will not cause any issues then.

First, you are supposed to wear them inside your home. If you often go shopping in slippers or you are allowed to wear them at work, you should know that you can find stylish models out there. Finding a balance between looks and comfort has never been easier.

Now that you understand the benefits of having the right slippers for this affection, what are the top-rated products in commerce based on buyers’ reviews and recommendations? More importantly, what are their pluses and minuses?

Top 5 Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis

Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers

These slippers for plantar fasciitis are normally designed for women, so sizes are given accordingly. They are available in more sizes, as well as a few different colors – from gray and black to apricot and purple. They are designed like sandals and feature a heel cup for arch support.

The arch support provides more comfort, ensures a proper alignment and keeps your feet comfortable. They feel cozy due to the soft fur covering them – sliding your feet in will feel great. Moreover, this type of material ensures a warm experience in the cold winter months. The sole is made of rubber for durability.

The heel cup is deep and narrow. It is the optimal shape to provide support to your feet, whether you engage into high impact activities or you have to walk over longer distances. It may take a few days to get used to this style if you are used to poor quality slippers.

As for the maintenance, these slippers are machine washable. Whether the fur gets stained or funny odors, throw the slippers in the washing machine and they will be like new.


  • Cozy and comfortable fur
  • Rubber soles for durability
  • Adjustable for all types of feet
  • Deep heel cup for arch support
  • Suitable for all kinds of arch related issues


  • Might be a bit too large for those with super slim or narrow feet
SOLLBEAM Fuzzy House Slippers with Arch Support Orthotic Heel Cup Sandals for Women

Walk-Hero Slippers

Walk-Hero’s best slippers for plantar fasciitis come in a plethora of warm and neutral colors – from beige and light olive to brown and gray. They are designed for men, so sizes are set accordingly. You also have half sizes – women are advised to be careful if they order for themselves too.

The slippers come with velvet lining – super cozy and fuzzy, while the comfortable insoles add to your steps and efficiency while walking. They are slightly adjustable due to some elastic bands, so it makes no difference how narrow or wide your feet are.

The sole is made of rubber, so it can take some beating without cracking. On the outside, the upper features a casual fabric design and fray details. While designed for home uses, they are so fashionable that they will instantly draw some attention outside too.

The professional orthotic insoles are accurate for the foot bed and feature a deep heel and arch support to relieve pain and discomfort.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Available in half sizes too
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Good looking designs
  • Durable rubber sole


  • Not suitable for washing machines
Plantar Fasciitis Slippers for Men with Arch Support, Canvas Orthotic Slipper for Men with Suede Insole and Velvet Lining, Slip on Clog House Slipper with Indoor Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole, Beige

Isotoner Terry Slip

You can tell these slippers are comfy by looking at them – fluffy and bulky. Sizes are given for women – men would have to do some research to figure out what works for them. Other than that, they come in more colors and they are excellent against plantar fasciitis and other similar affections.

The sole is made of rubber, so you can use the slippers both indoors and outdoors with no issues at all. The slip on mule style is enhanced with comfortable plush for a cozy feeling. You also have memory foam that adapts to the shape of your feet and keeps you warm in the wintertime.

The arch support is flawless – multilayer EVA support for extra cushioning and pain relief. Everything in these slippers is cushioned or padded, so you will always feel warm and soft. It may take a few days to get used to these slippers, but the benefits make them worth.

Finally, it is worth noting that the rubber soles come with a nonslip texture for safety.


  • Nonslip rubber soles
  • Lots of padding and cushioning
  • Memory foam for comfort
  • Superior arch support
  • Good for indoor and outdoor uses


  • Sizes might be a little off, so order a bit bigger than normally
isotoner womens Terry in Clog, Memory Foam, Comfort and Arch Support, Indoor/Outdoor Slip on Slipper, Ash, 6.5-7 US

Orthofeet Leather Slippers Asheville

Designed for men, these elegant slippers are ideal for both indoors and outdoor uses. They are great for those who shop in the store around the corner or those who like to visit their neighbors too – stylish, yet comfortable.

Orthofeet’s best slippers for plantar fasciitis come in two different colors – brown and black. They are available in more sizes, as well as different foot configurations – wide or narrow. Half sizes are also available for an even better fit.

The sole is lightweight and ergonomic, while the superior cushioning, orthotic insoles and arch support will help in pain relief. Simply put, these slippers feel like stepping on a pillow. They can prevent and ameliorate pains affecting heels, knees, hips and even your lower back.

Ultra wide sizes are available and each set comes with a roomy tow box, removable insoles and extra depth.


  • Bulky and comfy design
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Half sizes available
  • Wide or narrow sizes
  • Removable insoles


  • A bit difficult to adjust, but doable
Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Men’s Leather Slippers Asheville Black

Orthofeet Slippers Charlotte

Orthofeet might have designed the best slippers for plantar fasciitis for women if you want style and durability. The brand is known for its elegant and stylish designs that could pass as regular shoes and this model makes no exception either.

The slippers come in two colors – tan and black. They are available in a bunch of sizes, including half sizes. No matter what size you need, the fit is good. Plus, you can choose the normal size or the same size in a wider style – just in case you have wide feet.

The slippers are slightly adjustable. They are lightweight and feature a durable sole. There is cushioning all around your feet – literally layers of it. Stepping or walking will feel like flying over clouds due to the superior arch support.

Whether you have general foot problems, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy or sensitive feet, these slippers will ameliorate your discomfort.


  • Adjustable
  • Many sizes, half sizes and wide sizes
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Ergonomic sole
  • Good arch support


  • They might get smelly – wear them with socks
Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief. Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Orthopedic Leather Women’s Arch Support Slippers Charlotte Black

What To Look For In The Best Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis

A bit of research can prevent a series of mistakes. Just because some slippers come with arch support, it does not necessarily mean that they can relieve your pain. Here is what you need to look for in the best slippers for plantar fasciitis.


This is a primary concern – you want slippers to give you a comfortable experience when you wear them around or after a long day at work. They must be designed to provide some protection towards the pressure point – this is the optimal way to overcome pain.

It is not all about the soles and actual arch support – the upper part is just as important. Furthermore, it pays off investing in adjustable slippers for a perfect fit.

Nonslip surface

Chances are you will move slowly when you end up with pains. The outsole must support your movements. Since you are more likely to wear these slippers at home, you will probably end up walking on smooth and slippery surfaces too – a nonslip sole is mandatory.

The lack of traction will aggravate your condition and put even more pressure on you.


Flexibility is not necessarily physical. You do not want some slippers that can bend, but slippers that you can wear all day long without having to change them. You want good traction around your house, a relatively solid and flexible sole for the garden and yard. You might as well decide you want to do some shopping in a nearby store – you should be able to do all these in your slippers.


It may take a while to find the slippers for plantar fasciitis – especially if you want a perfect fit. Once you get it, you will never want to leave those slippers. Therefore, you want a durable set that will not quit on you after a few months.

The outsole is the main element to consider when it comes to durability. Rubber is great because it provides some flexibility and it is soft, while durability will never be an issue – not to mention structural distortion. Generally speaking, rubber is weatherproof too – even more versatility.


Durability, style and comfort – all these aspects are given by quality materials. You want professional arch support, but you want some comfort as well. For instance, foam paddings on the inside give your feet more coziness, while the insole is responsible for the arch support.

Natural materials are breathable and suitable for the upper – cotton or leather.

Arch support

Different pairs of slippers may come with arch support and provide completely different experiences. If left untreated, plantar fasciitis can lead to other issues too. The more support your slippers have, the better. On another hand, you may find slippers for this affection without actual arch support – just a comfortable style that helps your foot alignment. Make sure you always look for arch support before any other feature.


Insoles are easily overlooked, but they represent the layer of cushioning that provides support and comfort. Some of them are great to stabilize feet, but also to add to your balance and motion. Insoles also absorb shocks if you are overweight and reduce some of the pressure on your soles.

Ideally, you should opt for replaceable or removable insoles, as you can adjust the comfort in small details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure how to find the best slippers for plantar fasciitis?

How long should I keep my slippers before replacing them?

No matter how good a pair of slippers is, chances are it will slowly stretch over time. At some point, you will no longer be able to wear them. You may not notice it straight away, as such things occur over time. Slippers are no longer comfortable and feel old.

There is no such thing as a recommended time to replace your slippers. The more qualitative they are, the more they will last. Quality slippers can last for years without losing their properties, while low end models will need replacement after a few months.

Is there a way to get rid of plantar fasciitis?

A doctor’s advice could go in more directions when it comes to plantar fasciitis. There are more ways to overcome this problem and keep it under control – especially the symptoms associated with it. Ideally, you should try to maintain a proper weight. Overweight individuals will experience more intense pains due to pressure.

Quick relief may involve compressions and ice packs, as well as medication. You can try athletic tape as well, but more importantly, stick to footwear with arch support. Supportive shoes are not necessary when you go out or you go to work only, but also indoors.

What slippers should I get for wooden floors?

If you have parquet or other types of wooden floors, you probably know how slippery they can get – quite dangerous at times. At this point, a nonslip sole is a must. Many professional slippers with arch support feature rubber soles, only to ensure a nonslip surface.

Nylon blending sheepskin is also effective on wooden floors, but not very popular.


As a short final conclusion, deciding on the perfect slippers for plantar fasciitis takes a bit of research. Make sure you get a pair designed with your personal needs in mind – proper arch support, enough width and half sizes for a better fit.

Any of the above mentioned models can provide an excellent experience based on comfort and pain relief. Some slippers are specifically designed for men or women though. But then, you can get anything, as long as you figure sizing standards out based on the gender.