Best Skateboard For Beginners Kid – Everything You Need To Know Upfront

Skateboards used to be cool and trendy in the 1990s. Things have changed a bit and most kids have moved over to digital gadgets and tools. But these days, skateboards are back in trend. Kids around the world dare hills and ramps in skate parks, but they also try out all kinds of tricks and ideas they see online. It makes no difference if they like the sport itself, they want to boost their own creativity or they need the skateboard for transportation. One thing is for sure – choosing the best skateboard for beginners kid is a must these days.

There are lots of options out there. As a parent, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. If your kid is into skateboarding, chances are they already know the best brands and models out there. They have already talked to their friends and colleagues. They want cool brands and fancy designs, but on the same note, it is your responsibility to ensure you buy something safe and sturdy. After all, skateboarding brings in a bunch of ugly and painful accidents too. Now, what else should you know about skateboards before making this investment for your little one?

Benefits Of Finding The Best Skateboard For Beginners Kid

The truth is your kid will never really care about the benefits of skateboarding. Your child wants to go outside and hang around with their best friends. On the same note, they have plenty of energy, so they need a way to burn it. Skateboarding is not just fun because of all the tricks your kid can learn, but it also brings in a bit of speed and can burn some energy. Here are some of the main reasons wherefore you should be happy your little one is already browsing the best skateboards for beginners kids.

Enjoying a full body workout

The board may seem easy to move around, but propelling it can be quite difficult. As easy as it seems, jump on it and you will see yourself – make sure you are ready to face the floor. Riding a skateboard involves using pretty much all the muscles in the body. It also requires lots of movement skills, which will inevitably grow over time.

When it comes to muscles, kids will need to use their legs and feet to propel the board. Then, they need to use their arms and keep them flexed in order to maintain their balance, not to mention the torso. Turning and performing tricks will require twisting, which puts even more pressure on your kid’s body – excellent for their fitness condition.

Boosting the coordination

Balance and coordination go hand in hand. If your kid learns how to balance on a moving board while propelling it, chances are their coordination will also skyrocket within weeks only. Coordination is a must in skateboarding, but it will prove useful later on as well. Your little one will use it in other sports or physical activities.

Skateboarding involves keeping the legs on the board. Occasionally, one of them is used to propel it. Legs must be slightly bent and might need to move for balance. Meanwhile, the torso and arms will move according to the board and adjust based on the terrain. Furthermore, eyes are always up, as the rider must keep an eye on heights and distances.

Developing patience and perseverance

Skateboarding is an excellent activity if your kid is the type who wants everything now. It is quite common in kids – in fact, many adults have the same characteristics. You simply have no patience. You cannot wait until tomorrow. You want everything done today, now. If your kid is in the same category, skateboarding will teach them patience and perseverance.

Learning how to ride a skateboard takes time. Learning tricks takes even more time. There will be plenty of falling involved. See it, try it, fail it and retry. It is an ongoing cycle. The timing might need some adjustments. Perhaps it is about speed or the foot stance. There is lots of effort involved and such skills can be helpful as your child grows up too.

Recognizing personal development and inclusion

Go around a skate park to get an idea about this sport before looking for the best skateboard for beginners kid. You will be surprised. Look around and you will see board taps everywhere – boards or perhaps writings on the ground. Support is everywhere around skate parks. Both beginners and experienced skaters hang around, take turns, provide advice and encouragement – it is part of the game.

From this point of view, skateboarding is extremely diverse. It has a welcoming community based on real friendship. Your kid may love the actual sport, but they might as well want the inclusion associated with skateboarding. Personal development is inevitably part of the game and this could be the ideal place to come up with some new and long lasting friendships.

Now that you know the benefits associated with skateboarding, what are the top rated options on the market? What is the best skateboard for beginners kid? What kind of features does it come with?

Top 5 Skateboards For Beginners Kids

Arcade Pro Skateboard

Designed for beginners, this skateboard is flexible and comes partly assembled – just a few parts left to put up, quite straightforward. It has an incredible precision for this price range, whether you are after fun turns, flips and tricks without actually getting stuck. It comes in a few different designs and styles.

Initially designed for kids, this skateboard can take up to 220 pounds in weight, meaning it is also suitable for adults. However, the deck measures 31.25×7.75 inches – it might feel a bit too small for beginner adults. Generally speaking, it can take shoes up to size 12.

The skateboard has a concave appearance and double kick tails. It is based on seven-ply maple wood and only weighs five pounds. It features ABEC-7 bearings and 54 millimeters injected polyurethane wheels. The package includes a few free stickers for deeper customization too.

Apart from wood, some of the fixtures are based on aluminum for durability. As for the axles, they are made of carbon steel. The top grip tape will surprise you with its durable profile – it is likely to last for ages.


  • Comes in various designs
  • Features some free stickers for customization
  • Based on durable materials
  • Suitable for small adults too
  • Can take 220 pounds in weight


  • Rides rougher for more experienced riders
More Details about Arcade Pro Skateboard 31″ Standard Complete Skateboards Professional Complete Board w/Concave – Skate Boards Great for Beginners, Adults, Teens, Youth & Kids

Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Meketec’s best skateboard for beginners kids is designed with style in mind. It features a retro appearance that will stand out in the crowd. Moreover, it comes in a bunch of different styles that target both the board and the wheels. No matter what your kid is after, they can easily find a suitable design.

Boosting 3.25 inch trucks in various colors and a decent size of 22.5×6 inches, the skateboard can take up to 200 pounds in weight. It has 60×45 millimeter polyurethane wheels, which are smooth and durable. In terms of quality standards, it is worth mentioning the high speed ABEC-7 bearings as well.

While the weight capacity makes this skateboard suitable for adults as well, it is mostly aimed at children due to its size – unless you have small feet. It is smooth and relatively fast, but not as fast as high performance skateboards – after all, it is mostly aimed at beginners who are still struggling with balance.

There is lots of hard plastic in the design of the skateboard, yet it is durable and well put together. It is safe to ride and comfortable for all kinds of riders. It might look a bit wider than other similar skateboards, but this is only because extra width adds to the stability. Braking is fairly simple too.


  • Comes in various beautiful styles
  • Features a unique retro design
  • Based on durable and hard materials
  • Soft wheels for comfort
  • Wider than average for a great balance


  • Colors and designs look a bit different in pictures than in real life
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Scientoy Skateboard

Scientoy might have designed one of the best skateboards for beginners kids if you are after flexibility and a comfortable design. No matter how large, small, young or old your kid is, this skateboard will work wonders. It is only available in one style boosting a black top and a combo of white and blue on the bottom.

The skateboard was originally designed for beginners, but it is great for anyone out there. The deck measures 31×8 inches – a full-size design. It has a double kick concave style – it is large enough to help newbies maintain their balance, but also great for experienced users who want some more speed.

The skateboard comes with a repair kit in the package. The kit includes a couple of wheel screws, a few truck screws and a multifunction wrench. You do not have to put anything together, as the unit is already assembled. Given its size, it may not be a good option for kids under seven years old.

In terms of build and quality, you have nine layers of Canadian maple and five inch magnesium alloy trucks. The skateboard can take 220 pounds of weight and boosts 95A high rebound polyurethane wheels with ABEC-7 bearings. Wheels are smooth to allow a decent speed too.


  • Features its own repair kit
  • Durable design due to the thermal transfer pattern
  • Durable materials
  • Fully assembled out of the box
  • Decent speeds


  • Might feel a bit too large for kids under seven years old
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Merkapa Complete Skateboard

At a first glance, this unit looks like the best skateboard for beginners kid – it is quite basic and does not come with many bells and whistles. It has a good price too, so it provides excellent value for money. As you dig deeper and learn more about it, you realize that there is much more to it than just plain features.

The skateboard comes in multiple colors – bright and funky colors that most kids would love. While it features LED lighting, there are no batteries involved – no charging either. Instead, electricity is generated over rotary power. The maximum weight capacity is 180 pounds – suitable for small adults too.

The deck measures 22×6 inches. It is based on PP plastic – quite thick and hard. You also have large polyurethane wheels – 60×45 millimeters and 78A. Wheels are soft and ensure good shock absorption. The grip is flawless and the comfort will never cause any issues – your kid will love this skateboard.

Other than that, it is worth noting the 3.2 heavy duty high quality aluminum for the ABEC-7 bearing. The top of the skateboard is also textured, meaning your little one is less likely to slip should it start raining. Overall, it is well put together and fully assembled.


  • Well put together and decent weight
  • Solid and durable materials
  • Rotary power for the LED lights
  • Available in various colors
  • Nonslip textured deck


  • Wheels might need adjustment every now and then
More Details about Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners

WhiteFang Complete Skateboard

You cannot go wrong with WhiteFang and its best skateboard for beginners kid is less likely to disappoint your little one. It screams quality, regardless of what you are after. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders, but it is also well put together and fully assembled out of the box.

The deck features seven layers of Canadian maple. It measures 31.75×7.88 inches, meaning it is wide, tough and heavy. It is a full size unit that will allow speed and a few tricks too. Since it can take 330 pounds in weight, small adults may also be able to have a bit of fun.

In terms of quality, the skateboard comes with five inch magnesium alloy trucks, while the high rebound polyurethane wheels – 52 millimeters and 95A) have ABEC-9 precision bearings. They are soft and allow great control and response – ideal for different types of surfaces too.

The skateboard has an asymmetric concave design and a rough surface for a great grip. It comes in a few different designs and each of them is simplistic and minimalistic. Since everything is thermal printed, the design will last for ages, regardless of how much it is in use.


  • Good looking styles and designs
  • Full size and excellent balance
  • Excellent materials for durability
  • Can take small adults and teenagers too
  • Fully assembled out of the box


  • Paint on the sides is more likely to chip than the rest
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Buying Guide For The Best Skateboard For Beginners Kid

Now that you are aware of the best rated skateboards on the market, how do you choose the best one for your kid? What kind of criteria and considerations should you pay attention to?

Age and size chart

Generally speaking, a size chart for kids will give you a brief idea about what to look for, but different kids have different sizes, so always take your little one’s personal necessities in mind.

If your kid is five years old or younger and they measure 3’4” or less, the skateboard will most likely be between 6.5 and seven inches. On the other hand, kids younger than eight and shorter than 4’4” can do with a total width up to eight inches.

If your kid is older than nine, you can go over 7.5 inches in width – even more, depending on the shoe size.

Materials and build

As a general rule of thumb, avoid buying cheap skateboards from general stores, such as stores that also have a toy section or actual toy stores. Such skateboards are usually made of cheap materials and will barely last a few months. Given the price, they are worth it, but they can break down while your kid is speeding – not the best scenario, huh?

As a general rule of thumb, a quality skateboard should outlast a heap more than eight times. Since the price is less likely to be eight times lower, you are not getting yourself a deal, but a dangerous situation for your little one.

Now, how do you tell the difference between a cheap unit and a real one?

Generally speaking, a cheap skateboard is wrapped in plastic. They feature thick decks, which may look like a good option, but it is not. They are also heavy and your little one will not be able to enjoy them, as tricks will be almost impossible. Plus, if you have the chance to try one in real life, wheels barely spin and will stop after a couple of rotations. If they also make a lot of noise, you are holding a poor quality skateboard that will fail in no time.

Cheap skateboards could come with good materials too, but the actual build makes them worthless. Opt for wood or hard plastic decks and solid wheels. Polyurethane is pretty common among real skateboards because it is soft, good for more terrains and great with shock absorption.

Fully assembled or DIY

You can buy separate parts and build a skateboard yourself – it might be a good idea if you are familiar with the industry and you know what you are doing. You can customize the skateboard and ensure it does what you want it to do – tricks, speed, control, balance and so on. Your experience can help you make the difference between low and high quality parts.

On the other hand, many reputable brands bring in fully assembled skateboards. Even if they are not fully assembled, putting them together is pretty intuitive. This option might be better because all parts are compatible and built to work together – the manufacturer has ensured each of them plays its own role in the skateboarding process.

Even if you used to be good with skateboards as a kid, it still pays off getting a fully assembled unit. Things have changed over the past decade. There are new safety and quality standards, while old school brands might be totally outdated today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about the best skateboard for beginners kid? Here are a few questions and answers that might push you in the right direction.

What is a good age to start skateboarding?

Kids younger than five should not skateboard, as they lack the balance required and some of their muscles are still developing. Most doctors advise against this activity for young kids. Even when your little one starts skateboarding, make sure you stay close and supervise them to prevent potential accidents.

Are mini decks a good option for skateboards?

Not really. Mini decks represent the smallest skateboards on the market. You will usually find them in toy stores. Parts are cheap, the unit is super heavy and stability is close to none. They may look cute, but they are dangerous.

How much does a skateboard cost?

It depends on multiple aspects. Most kids will need a skateboard to cruise and not really to do tricks. You do not have to spend $80 on a skateboard because your kid is not a professional – stick to something that costs about half that price or a bit higher than that. Skateboards for tricks should go in the same range.

Does the shoe size matter?

Not necessarily. Unless your kid is very tall or heavy, the skateboard is a matter of personal preferences. Some kids will do well with adult size skateboards too.


Bottom line, deciding on the best skateboard for beginners kid is not as difficult as it seems if you know what to pay attention to. Make sure you do not compromise on it or you will basically compromise on your little one’s safety. Opt for a reputable brand and quality parts, but do not go for professional high end skateboards either – not suitable for newbies.