Best Shoes for Diabetics Neuropathy

Footwear is an essential accessory without which all our outfits would be incomplete. It serves a large number of purposes, from being a fashion statement to an important part of medical treatment. Diabetic neuropathy is one such disease that requires patients to fashion special shoes.

These shoes are specially made for them because they help relieve the physical pain they feel. Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that happens to some diabetic patients. It is very common, and in India, more than 1 million people are diagnosed with the disorder.

People who have this condition experience pain in their legs and feet and will find it extremely hard to do physical activities. To simplify their life and to ease their pain, many companies all over the world have found shoes that are specially made for diabetic neuropathy patients. These shoes contain specific materials that make them extra soft and comfortable so they can use them in their daily life.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy or know someone who does, these shoes can make your life a lot better. These shoes are very easy to find online, and a single search will greet you with hundreds of options in seconds. However, finding the right pair of shoes is of utmost importance.

Here are a few options that you can consider investing in!

Top 5 shoes for diabetics neuropathy

Mentioned below are some of the best diabetic neuropathy shoes that you can buy online. 

Slow Man’s Women Walking Shoes

Slow Man exclusively produces shoes that are convenient and comfortable for people to wear. This is especially true for those who have orthopedic issues that trouble them. These shows are made in a way that reduces the arch pain commonly experienced by people suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Along with arch pain, it also helps reduce heel, back, and other common joint pains in the body. Studies show that most of this pain is caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes. You can expect high quality from these shoes and the perfect support for your feet.

Additionally, these shoes are manufactured in the United States of America. You can shop for these online, and they are available in a lot of different sizes. This pair is very comfortable to wear and light on your feet.

You will not feel these shoes weighing your foot down. This is because these shoes only weigh around 350 grams. Moreover, the manufacturer also claims that these shoes will last you a long time as they are extremely durable. 

These shoes are even recommended by podiatrists, and the customer reviews for this product are through the roof!


  • Lightweight 
  • Has foam mid-soles for comfort
  • Is easy to wear (Slip on)
  • Appears to be long-lasting
  • Made of rubber, the material is soft.
  • Variety of colors available


  • A high arc in the shoe can cause back pain.
  • The high heel of the shoe may not be everyone’s personal choice.
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Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women Walking Shoes

Gravity Defyer has been in this line of business for many years. They have contributed to this industry by creating different types of pain relief shoes for men and women. Their pain relief shoes are liked by many people across the world.

One of the best parts about this shoe is that it is extremely comfortable to wear. People suffering from orthopedic problems can wear these shoes for hours on end without feeling too much pain. Moreover, this pair also has a very chic look as compared to most other pain relief shoes.

The shoes use Velcro for closure. This makes it very convenient to wear and take-off during the day. Additionally, Velcro gives the shoe great ventilation and allows your feet to breathe. The shoe sole is also very sturdy and durable and has to cushion in it. The shoe is also waterproof and does not retain sweat. This makes the shoe even safer to use.


  • Made of a soft material
  • Great for daily use
  • Non-slippery has a good grip.
  • Helps alleviate the swelling of the feet
  • Affordable pricing


  • Generic design
  • Velcro can lose its efficiency over time.
  • The outer material is not too soft.
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ASICS Women Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes

This pair of shoes mainly focuses on the problem of arch support faced during diabetic neuropathy. One of the best features of this shoe is that it comes with a band that helps people stand comfortably. However, these shoes are great for people who endure any type of body aches.

You can get these shoes if you have swollen feet, back pain, knee and joint pains, or even ankle pain. What’s more, is that this pair is great for pregnant women too. They help with swollen feet, which is a common side effect experienced by many pregnant women.

It is manufactured in the US, and you can easily buy it online. There is a wide range of color options available, so you can pick the one you like! It is made of leather. However, it is very comfortable to wear.


  • Made in a breathable design
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Can be used for various medical reasons
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Reduces heel pain


  • Is not highly durable
  • It is not seam-free, so it causes scratches.
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Sollbeam’s House Slippers with Arch support

Sollbeam slippers are specially designed to help people who struggle with diabetic neuropathy. These slippers are designed to provide comfort to the feet and help relieve a ton of pain. However, they are not just for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Orthopedic patients can also use these house slippers for a comfortable experience. This slipper is designed for patients, so the effects are extraordinary. Over time, people have claimed that their joint pains did reduce.

This pair of slippers can help people fix their walking patterns and other foot deformities that they may have. Moreover, the footbed material of this slipper is made of MCP, which is most recommended for everyone using an orthopedic or neuropathic shoe. It is also extremely easy to wear and reduces foot or skin scratches and rashes.


  • Is available in many sizes
  • Has foam insoles for comfort 
  • Is lightweight and easy to wear
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Is applicable for all kind of foot problems


  • Has seams which cause rashes
  • Is easily worn out because of the softness of the soles
  • Size is a little variant while ordering.
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Tvtaop Women Slip-on Sock Sneakers

Tvtaop made a shoe out of the ordinary. This pair was made to keep people with foot troubles in mind. While other shoes are made for comfort and daily use, these shoes are made for sports. It also has a kind of a chic or a sleek design, so it looks great outside.

The shoes were designed considering every aspect of various foot problems and disabilities. If you are someone who enjoys playing sports, this shoe is the one for you. It has a wide toe area right in the front at the tip of your foot.

This allows your foot to have enough breathing space while still making sure you have a grip on the ground while running! It also has mesh soles, so it feels very soft to wear and maintains a great degree of comfort for your feet!


  • Is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting
  • Has cushioning all over the shoes making it very comfortable 
  • Has a tight grip
  • Wide enough for the feet to breathe
  • Prevents swelling of the foot


  • It is not water-resistant, must be kept dry.
  • Hard on the outside
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Things you need to know before buying shoes for diabetic neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a painful disease that can be treated if you make the right moves. One of them is picking a pair of shoes that can help relieve pain in your feet. However, with so many varieties, you will have a tough time choosing the right shoes.

Here are a few details you can be on the lookout for. The following guide will help you make the right choice!

Comfort level 

If you are buying any shoes for yourself, the first thing you need to look at is how comfortable they are. The same goes for these shoes too. Even if a pair has the highest rating online, you need to check for how comfortable it is. Any form of discomfort can be hard on your foot and cause even more pain.

Arch height

Arch support is really important in shoes. Without good arch support, your foot can get deformed over time, and you might start experiencing intensified pain in your feet and knees. Before buying a shoe for diabetic neuropathy, check for its arch height and support. However, make sure the arch is not too high either. An unnecessarily high arch could give you extreme back pain instead!


The shoes have to be seam-free so that they can avoid rubbing against your skin. This could cause rashes and scratches on your skin, which can be very dangerous for people with diabetic neuropathy. To prevent any allergic reactions, make sure the shoe you buy does not have any seam.


The shoes should be spacious enough to let the feet breathe but also have enough grip on it so you can walk on it without tripping or falling. The toe gap will help in swelling and is very useful for people who love to move around. If your shoes are too tight, they could hamper your blood circulation. This is one of the foremost reasons why people with diabetic neuropathy go through swollen feet.

Cushioned Insoles

You also need to make sure that the shoes you get have cushioned insoles. These shoes need to have a comfortable inner lining so that your foot is supported well. A soft insole should also have a defined arch that does not collapse over time. Moreover, the inside of your shoes cannot be too stiff either. That would make it very hard for you to walk in these shoes in case you have swollen feet one day. So, make sure the inner linings are sturdy yet flexible enough to accommodate your feet.

Customer rating

Be sure to check the customer ratings of each product before you buy them. You might like a particular pair a lot. However, once you go through a few reviews online, you might get a better insight into its flaws. So, read reviews and go through authentic ratings as much as you can.


The material your shoes are made of also has an essential role in determining the quality of your experience. You need your shoe to be of a breathable fabric. This could be anything as long as there is a mesh. Moreover, it is always a bonus if your shoes are waterproof!


Your shoes need to have a good grip on the ground too. If your shoe keeps slipping too much, you might end up hurting your feet more, which could intensify your pain. You need sturdy shoes that can withstand any type of flooring.


Suppose you are someone who likes running and other physical activities. This is a very important factor for you. Stiff shoes can make your feet hurt even more. So, make sure the shoe is flexible and bends just enough so that your feet do not feel restricted.

In Conclusion

When it comes to buying shoes for medical reasons, you need to be more vigilant than ever. You cannot just pick up the first thing you see online and call it a day. You need to make sure you pick the right thing that could potentially benefit you in some way.

Buying shoes for diabetic neuropathy can be a challenging task. If you do not find the right fit, your life could become even more painful. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your requirements are.

Once you know what you want, you will have no trouble picking a shoe that is the perfect match for you. Make the most of the buying guide and understand the specifications that go into these shoes. This will certainly help you make the right choice!