Best Rated Columbia Jackets For Toddlers – Buying Guide & Reviews

You want the best when it comes to your children and this rule does not apply to their wellbeing and education only, but also to how they feel and how happy they are. You want them to enjoy their first years around and bring in a beautiful childhood with lots of good memories. But whether you think your little one looks cute with branded apparel or you simply want quality, Columbia jackets for toddlers tend to make the difference and draw plenty of positive attention.

Columbia jackets are extremely well rated in terms of quality and value for money. While they are more popular in adults, the latest options for jackets for toddlers tend to stand out in the crowd. At this point, you probably ask yourself – are they worth the price? Will your little one enjoy them? Should you buy a jacket for your child, knowing that it may no longer be wearable after a year? This guide will give you all the details you need to make an informed final decision.

Why Consider Columbia Jackets for Toddlers?

Here are some of the reasons wherefore you might want to consider which are the Columbia jackets best made for your toddlers.


Columbia is known for its diversity. You can find jackets for toddlers in all kinds of styles and designs – insulated, down winter jackets, rain jackets, windbreakers, fleece jackets, hard or soft shell jackets, ski jackets, casual wear and so on.


Columbia is mostly focused on a classic design, which is a plus if you struggle to understand new fashion trends – you are not the only one though. Their jackets do not come with fantastic technologies that promise you the world. Instead, they are well built, durable, capable and made of quality fabrics. There are no funky colors and crazy designs, but just a practical appeal – kids tend to get dirty, so you would rather opt for a neutral style.


Buying a Columbia jacket for your toddler is also quite easy as they are available everywhere. You can shop online – just pay attention to the sizing standards. You can also find Columbia jackets in discount department stores, so you would not have to try too hard to find a suitable jacket for your kid.


Value for money is excellent when it comes to Columbia. Since it is available in discount stores too, you are likely to get such items for reduced prices, which is definitely a plus.

Now, what are the top rated Columbia jackets for toddlers and what are their strengths?

Top 5 Columbia Jackets For Toddlers

Columbia Girls Katelyn Crest Jacket

This jacket for girls comes in 20 different colors and a bunch of different sizes – it might help if you know what kind of size your kid wears in Columbia. All in all, neutral and dark colors are the best sellers because dirt is not visible – and your kid will get it dirty.

Other than that, the jacket is made of nylon and polyester. It is durable and feels comfortable, but it is also suitable for all kinds of winters – including harsh seasons. It features a zipper closure and a hood. The hood has faux fur for the trim.

In terms of maintenance, the jacket is machine washable without losing its properties. It is great against wet weather, slush and wind. The furry trim can be removed and tucked away in one of the pockets without too much hassle.


·         Comes in 20 different colors

·         Fun faux fur on the hood that can be removed

·         Excellent against all kinds of weather conditions

·         Can be cleaned in a washing machine

·         Comes in various sizes


·         Only available for girls, so pay attention to the sizing standards

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Columbia Boys’ Steens Mt II Fleece Jacket

This is one of the Columbia jackets for toddlers with the greatest value for money. It is available in over 35 different colors. There might be slight differences in the actual design as well – pay attention when you browse through colors.

The jacket can be purchased in a bunch of different sizes, including X large and XX small little. It is based on fleece, so it is suitable for the fall season and mild winters, rather than aggressive weather conditions – snow, harsh winds or wet weather.

The jacket is made of polyester and features a zipper closure. It has a standing collar for neck protection as well. As for keeping it clean, simply toss it in the washing machine and it will look like new. Drying it in a tumbler is not recommended though, as it may lose its size.


·         Comes in numerous colors for all styles and preferences

·         Numerous sizes, regardless of your kid’s size

·         Made to last

·         Can be cleaned in a washing machine

·         Standing collar for neck protection


·         Drying it in a tumbler may causing it to run small, so let it dry naturally instead

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Columbia Girls’ Benton Springs Fleece Jacket

Designed for girls only, this is one of the top-rated Columbia jackets for toddlers, being recommended by almost every buyer out there. It comes in more than 35 different colors and combos, so it makes no difference what kind of style your little one prefers.

The jacket is designed like fleece. It is made of polyester and comes with zipper closure. It has a super soft design, so your kid will adore it. Moreover, the cozy style makes it excellent against cold weather conditions – not the best option for rain or snow though.

There are two zippered pockets to keep stuff secure, as well as a lightweight profile and a standing collar for neck protection. In terms of sizing, you have multiple options out there. The fit is standard, so you should not have any unpleasant surprises.


·         Comes in more than 35 different colors

·         Soft, warm and cozy material

·         Zipper closure and zippered pockets for small items

·         Can be machine washed

·         Durable polyester design


·         Not the best option for snow or rain, as it is not waterproof

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Columbia Girls’ Switchback II Waterproof Jacket

Worried about snow and wet weather? This jacket from Columbia takes your kid’s protection to another level. It features a waterproof design and can keep your little one safe and warm in all kinds of weather conditions – including windy weather.

The jacket is made of 100% nylon. It is durable and comfortable to wear. It is designed like a rain jacket. Both the actual jacket and the hood are waterproof. Other than that, it has a zipper closure and elastic cuffs. The waterproof profile is maintained by the proprietary Hydroplus shell technology.

Other than that, this jacket comes with a drop tail, but it can also be cleaned in a washing machine. Drying it in a tumbler is not really recommended, as it can damage the waterproof lining and cause it to run small.


·         Can be cleaned in a washing machine

·         Comes in numerous colors and sizes

·         Comes with a drop tail, elastic cuffs and a hood

·         Proprietary waterproof technology

·         Great for all weather conditions


·         Only suitable for girls – at least in terms of sizing

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Columbia Boys Glennaker Rain Jacket

This is one of the most complete and versatile Columbia jackets for a toddler. It is designed for boys and comes in a bunch of different sizes – careful with the sizing standards if you want to buy it for a girl though. In terms of designs, you have 25 different options for colors and styles.

This jacket feels like a sophisticated adult jacket, only it is available in a small size. It is made of nylon, while the lining is based on polyester. It has a zipper closure and an advanced technology for the waterproof shell. It will withstand all kinds of weather conditions – including rain, snow and wind.

There are a few handy features to consider as well. The side pockets are zippered, while elastic cuffs ensure good protection. Detailing is reflective, so your kid is visible to cars at night. Other than that, your little one will enjoy a snug fit and a warm experience.


·         Versatile and fully featured

·         Made of durable nylon and polyester

·         Comes in 25 different colors and more sizes

·         Machine washable

·         Unique technology for the waterproof shell


·         No hood Velcro to adjust it

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What to look for in Columbia jackets for toddlers

While you might think that shopping for a Columbia jacket for your toddler is a straightforward operation, you might be surprised to find out that you need to do your homework.


Make sure you consider sizes based on your kid’s gender. Opt for girls’ jackets or boys’ jackets. If you want a model designed for the opposite gender, you may want to double check sizes in inches. Then, while it may look like you will save money, opting for a slightly larger size will not help. You will still need to buy a new jacket next year and you risk your kid feeling uncomfortable.


The length is an important consideration when looking for a Columbia jacket for your toddler. Boys tend to wear coats that do not go under the waist, while girls tend to wear longer jackets. In reality, the style is irrelevant for a kid. Instead, think about how active your little one is. When it comes to toddlers, a long jacket may cause tripping and falling.


Think about the weather conditions in your area. If it rarely snows once every five years, you may not necessarily want the thickest jacket on the market. It will be a bit too uncomfortable and heavy. On the other hand, if the rainy season is too intense, you may want to invest in a waterproof jacket. Local winters should give you a few hints about what to pay attention to.

Materials and features

Most Columbia jackets for toddlers are synthetic. Think about the material when it comes to the actual maintenance. You should be able to clean the jacket in your washing machine. Pay attention to the drying recommendations too. As for features, a hood will help – especially if it can be tucked in a pocket by the collar when not in need.

Frequently asked questions

Still not sure about which is the best Columbia jackets for your toddler? Maybe these following questions and answers may help.

Is a jacket enough for a year?

Not really. Toddlers tend to get their clothes dirty pretty fast. Besides, you will need a coat for the fall season – it can also be worn in the springtime. You will need a second coat for the wintertime, especially if there are harsh winters in your area. If you get a really thick jacket, it may end up in your kid’s backpack when the weather goes soft.

Are bigger sizes a good idea?

Not really. Your kid grows incredibly fast. Whether you get the right size or a slightly bigger one, you will end up buying a new jacket next year anyway. Therefore, you might as well go for the right size. You do not want super long and uncomfortable sleeves or other health and safety hazards, do you?

How can I compromise with my kid and purchase a jacket they will like and wear?

It is fairly simple. Decide on the jacket you like, then ask your kid to come over and show them all the potential options. Columbia jackets for toddlers come in a wide variety of colors – usually more than 20 or 30. Some of them come in different styles as well, so your little one will easily find something suitable for their style and preferences.


As a short final conclusion, Columbia jackets for toddlers do come with a series of great features. They are designed to last and take a good beating. They can be designed soft, waterproof and warm – up to your preferences and needs. At the same time, Columbia did a great job providing numerous colors and combos, only to ensure kids will easily find something they like. As for the value for money, you simply cannot go wrong with this brand.