Best New Balance Running Shoes

Running Shoes to keep you fit and to stay on course

One of the best running shoes in the market is definitely the new balance running shoes. This fact does not come as a surprise given the history of the brand and the expertise it has right from the 1900s. All thanks to William Riley the New Balance Arch company was founded in Boston to give the best new balance running shoes which are available in the market in the present day. It all began when Riley started selling arch supports for shoes. The company, however, managed to sell sneakers by the time of 1938 but even by that time, the company already got the highest reputation for running shoes in terms of quality.

A slight change in the design made to fit different feet with different widths made an altogether mind-blowing innovation in the running shoes world back at that time. This started with the release of Trackster running shoe which happened in 1960. By the time of 1976 the company already rose like a big brand and earned its name in the world as a leader in the running shoe business. The company kept developing top of the line running shoes and won the title for a brand leader. With the introduction of the model 990 which happened in 1982, the brand rose to a different level as the ENCAP technology was introduced into it.

The usage of the polyurethane shell as a covering over the midsole which was made from EVA foam was seen as a groundbreaking idea at that time. This helped in keeping the shoe in shape for over years and it also helped in the bouncing back of the shoe. Runners loved it as the shoe was highly durable and was also springy. Even till date, this model is one among the favorite shoe in the athletes’ community.

The models and innovation

Till the present day, New balance strives hard to maintain its position as a brand leader by coming up with innovative technologies to improve the quality of the shoes. As a result, there are a number of technologies in place which has led to the long line up of shoes. New Balance manufactures its own foam for shoes like other major shoe manufacturers in the market. The Fresh Foam is the proprietary foam used by the company. This foam helps in making the shoe lighter as well adds to the bouncy feature of the shoe. This also gives in the cushioning factor without putting on extra weight to the shoe.

Added to this is the FuelCell which is another innovation made for the midsole. In this, the TPU foam is filled with nitrogen which helps in creating a bounce effect which also helps in energy return. This helps the runner to take off quickly during the running sessions. The famous EVA foam is still in place. It is used in RevLite which is a modified version of EVA. This adds to the cushioning leading to enhanced response. It is also used in some of the lighter shoes and leaner shoes manufactured by New Balance. The company boasts of manufacturing shoes which is able to deliver quality kicks.

The company is attempting to classify its running shoes based on various categories. While the history goes back to centuries, the transition is happening now. As a result, some of the models like Zante, Vongo and Boracay are in place now. Earlier times the demand was for stable and neutral shoes. But as people are looking for more feel-good shoes, the attempt is made to give the expected feeling for the runners. Of course, there are runners who still stick to the traditional models which seem to give just what they want.

The models on demand

While some stick to the good old models, the demand for the following models have quickly rose in the recent time. All the favorite new balance running shoes for athletes and runners are listed below.

  • Fresh Foam 1080v8

This shoe is particularly suited for neutral runners who look for well-cushioned shoes. This shoe is also rated as the most comfortable shoe for runners. The main reason behind this is the abundant Fresh Foam put in the midsole. Apart from this the shoe also gives a good soft feel with the help of soft mesh upper. The midfoot wrap is altered in order to hug your feet. There is also an ankle collar which is soft and molded giving almost a custom fit feel. The use of soft technology and the reviews received for this shoe has made it one of the best running shoes for athletes.

  • 890v6

By able to achieve a balance between cushion and low weight the 890v6 delivers a good support for runs and races. This is basically the altered version of the old 890. In the case of women the weight is 7.6 ounces and for men, it is 9.2 ounces, which makes it a lighter shoe for running but with good cushioning with the help of the REVLite midsole. Due to this addition, there is more room in the shoe compared to the previous models. The athletes cannot stop talking about the snappy feel which happens due to the subtle layer of plastic placed in the forefoot.

  • Minimus 10v1

In the case of New Balance trail running shoes, all the support from men goes to the Minimus 10v1. As opposed to the other shoes in the market which is bulky and heavy in nature, these shoes are light and flexible. The weight of these shoes is also less when compared to the other racing shoes. The heels are just 4 mm above the height of the sole. The shoe is able to provide good support and is highly durable when taken for trail running. This shoe becomes a good option for trail racers.

  • Fresh Foam Hierro v3

One among the best trail shoes the Hierro v3 has distinguished features which have helped it earn this spot. There is the presence of Fresh Foam cushioning placed in the midsole area which helps in giving a soft as well as comfortable run. The shoe even supports the run where the athlete can work in stretches of pavement during the course of trail run and still go on without causing any damage to the joints. In order to provide structure and protection, there is a stretchy layer given which covers the upper. The knit ankle collar which locks out the trail debris is one feature which is loved by the trail runners.

  • Fresh Foam Zante v4

If you are looking at an all-purpose shoe for kicks and which comes in a budget range then this is the shoe for you. There are plenty of features in this shoe where one gets confused what all to list out. It is pretty cheap when compared to the other shoes in this category and it is lightweight. It is able to satisfy many components which are expected by the runners. The shoe gives the speedy feel as well as the versatility which have helped it in earning the name of a well-engineered shoe. To provide good cushioning and support there is the presence of Fresh Foam in the midsole. This also helps in balancing the weight. In order to extend the durability the outside of the shoe comes with all-rubber and this fact is true no matter where the run happens.

  • 990v4

This shoe which is ‘Made in the USA’ is for runners who expect good stability and support. This shoe is one of the traditional ones and has been in the market for thirty years. Even today there are fans out there who buy only this shoe when it comes to the Made in USA series of the company. The shoe has good durability and is stable as well as helping in giving good mileage. One main reason 990 is able to provide is this is because of the ENCAP feature which has the EVA foam in its midsole. This is put in a polyurethane shell. The main purpose of this foam is to give good cushioning. The shell is able to provide stability and from losing the bounce over time.

  • New Balance 1260 v7

While the company has many neutral shoes under its brand name, this one is a support shoe. It comes with a premier cushioning feature to provide support. 1260 is able to provide shock absorption along with gentle transitions. Due to these features, this particular version has hit the popularity index. The addition of the soft heel makes the shoe one of the best new balance shoes for runners.

  • Fresh Foam Beacon

For all the runners who look for a lightweight shoe which has good clockwork, but is able to balance long runs too, the Fresh Foam Beacon comes as the answer. Even though the shoe is able to give a foam-based ride it only goes to 7.5 ounces in the case of men and 6.2 ounces in the case of women. In order to enhance durability, the company placed an altered version of Fresh Foam which is the Ground Contact. Due to this addition, the shoe is able to save weight even when there is the usage of heavy rubber in the forefoot and heel. There is also a breathable and light upper layer. All this makes the Beacon a show which is suitable for any kind of run.

  • LD5000 v6

For racers who run long distance and are in need of strong shoes, this is the one. This shoe is designed for the classified racers matching the biomechanical data of them. The latest version of this shoe comes with a mesh upper and with an ankle collar. In order to provide grip and flex along with easy landing, there is the presence of the full-length spike plate. But this might not be suitable for all. It is ideal to give a test to check if these rockets suit your feet.

  • Vazee Prism v2

The Fresh Foam of New Balance company proud in providing a cushion feel. But this shoe concentrates on responsiveness and speed. In order to aid good energy return, the Revlite technology is used in Prism v2. The stability and firmness in the forefoot, as well as the heel, is given because of the flexible soles. This happens to be a substitute for a trainer and a good friend for all the runners out there. This shoe is a perfect match for male runners.

  • FuelCell Impulse

If you are looking for a shoe with faster takeoff option and in the lightweight category, then look no further as the FuelCell Impulse is the perfect option for that. The thin sole in the shoe helps in gripping the ground. This, in turn, leads to faster takeoff. This shoe is also thin and speedy as opposed to the other heavy models. Giving a combination of a springy ride and responsiveness along with a good feel of the feat is the presence of FuelCell inserts and the Revlite EVA foam. In the outsole, there are two rubbers present, which helps in saving weight and stand against wear and tear. It also aids with good traction and the upper also gives a good fit.

  • New Balance 1500 v4

One of the best models when it comes to providing speed apart from the Zante is the 1500 v4. This shoe is designed specifically for racing. The 1500 v4 gives good stability even in the case of long runs. This shoe is lighter than the Zante and comes in a weight of 8.1 ounces. There is the placement of a light cushion in the heel which helps in the transition to the forefoot which in this case is strong. These combined features help in providing a quick and responsive run.

There are plenty of runners who go for the same old traditional models which suit them and give them what they need. These new models have added features, which are suited for the specific needs of different type of runners. The best fit wins at last!