Best Mens Tennis Rackets – Buying Guide & Detailed Reviews

Tennis is an exciting sport, but you probably know already that it can get quite frustrating if you are new to it. You barely manage to hit a few balls before having to restart – again and again. Skills take time to develop, but the racket is just as important in the process. A simple search over the best mens tennis rackets will provide plenty of options – which one is the best?

Rackets for men are usually sturdier, heavier and larger than rackets for women. This is because men tend to be stronger – more force as they hit, so they obviously require enough weight to transfer their force to the ball. Now, what else do you need to know before purchasing your racket and what are the top rated options on the market?

Benefits of choosing the right racket

It is extremely important to play with the right racket for your skill, gaming style and goals. It is even more important to have the right racket if you are a beginner. Stick to a racket designed for beginners if you are just starting. Your success rate will be way higher than if you use a racket designed for experienced players.

On the same note, the right racket will help you aim better, get balls over the net, but without exceeding the court limits. Simply put, you will enjoy the game, rather than feel frustrated. Then, if you enjoy it, you will want to play it more often, meaning you will also improve in no time. On another note, if you only play tennis for fun once a month, the racket may not really be relevant – any option will do.

Now that you know why you actually have to research your options, what are the best mens tennis rackets out there and why?

5 Best Mens Tennis Rackets

Wilson Adult Recreational Racket

Designed as a unisex racket, this is one of Wilson’s best men’s tennis rackets in terms of style and versatility. It is available in a few different sizes and it is part of the Federer series. Given its sizes, it is not suitable for children. Other than that, it is designed for more active players who need flexibility.

The racket has a powerful frame that will never quit on you. You can enjoy short swings without compromising on power. It is all about keeping it compact to preserve your energy. Power is also boosted by the super large head, which is directly responsible for the forgiveness too – great for beginners.

The heavy head adds to the balance and power transmission, but it also boosts the stability. As for spin and power, the open string pattern will seriously help out. There is only one style available – red, white and black for the handle.


·         Good for newbies due to the increased forgiveness

·         Well balanced in terms of weight

·         Available in a few different sizes

·         Ideal for short swings

·         Great for active players


·         Does not come with a cover

More Details of Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Adult Recreational Tennis Racket (Black/White, 4 1/2)

Oppum Adult Tennis Racket

Oppum’s racket is suitable for beginners and slightly experienced players. It features a triangular structure to absorb shocks and transfer power to the ball. The effect is firm and will easily absorb vibrations – it is not just about improving the game, but also about feeling more comfortable when you play.

The racket is based on a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. The handle is wooden. You get a mesh belt for extra performance and stability too. The weight is ideal for all kinds of shots – including high power shots. But on the same note, it is very well balanced and can provide an authentic tennis experience.

Every threading hole features its own rubber hole position. Also, each hole comes with double hole technology threading. It is a unique appearance that you may not find in other rackets, but it is also durable. In terms of performance, it will reduce the elastic effect for an authentic hit.


·         Comes with a carrying bag and a tennis grip

·         Comfortable due to the low amount of vibration

·         Great for both beginner and experienced players – women can use it too

·         Durable hole technology threading

·         High quality materials


·         Carrying case is average

More Details about OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket, Super Light Weight Tennis Racquets Shock-Proof and Throw-Proof,Include Tennis Bag Tennis Overgrip

Head Tour Pro Recreational Tennis Racket

Head is known for creating some of the best men’s tennis rackets in terms of value for money, recreational uses and beginner-friendly styles. The racket is available in a few different sizes, with the 4.5-inch grip being the most popular one. The frame weighs under 10 ounces.

The performance will seriously ease your game. The racket is excellent for beginners, as well as casual players who want top performance at an affordable price. Its purpose is fairly obvious – the 110 inch head is way larger than average, meaning you have a large sweet spot and great forgiveness.

Quality goes even further. The racket is based on nano titanium. This is not just the secret to a low weight, but also the secret to durability. The head balance is light, meaning vibration should never be an issue. You also gain a bit of stability when you hit the ball.


·         Available in a few different sizes

·         Large head for extra forgiveness and a large sweet spot

·         Made of nano titanium

·         Lightweight, yet well balanced

·         Less vibration than other rackets in this range


·         Does not come with its own bag or cover

More Details about HEAD Tour Pro Pre-Strung Recreational Tennis Racquet

Senston Tennis Racket

Senston has designed some of the top men’s tennis rackets out there, especially when it comes to bringing advanced features and performance to an amateur level. This unit is designed for more or less advanced players, but it is just as handy for recreational players who need a quality option.

Featuring a head around 100 inches and a total length of 27 inches, the racket is lightweight and simple to swing. It is convenient to use and hold, even if you are just starting the game. It will not disappoint in terms of quality standards and performance – great hit acceleration and plenty of stroke control.

The open spring pattern adds to the spin, while the one piece molded technology boosts the intensity. The package is suitable for couples of players or friends looking for a quality startup set. You get two rackets and two protective cases, two grips and two vibration dampers.


·         Lightweight aluminum design

·         Great value for money

·         Good starter pack for couples or friends

·         Advanced features adapted to beginners

·         Plenty of spin and power


·         Handle grip could come off pretty quickly

More Details about Senston Tennis Racket-27 inch 2 Players Tennis Racket Professional Tennis Racquet,Good Control Grip,Strung with Cover,Tennis Overgrip, Vibration Dampe

Babolat 2019 Boost D Tennis Racquet

Featuring a modern carbon fiber frame and the unique woofer grommet system for comfort, Babolat’s tennis racket will boost your game overnight. It is comfortable and allows a great power transmission, feeling like an extension to your arm – suitable for recreational and advanced players.

The racket is easy to maneuver and features a 4.375 grip. It is a bit heavier than average for a greater balance, but it will not cause any fatigue. It is strong with the brand’s proprietary SpiralTex synthetic gut and brings in a top-notch grip. It is excellent at reducing vibration as well.

The unit is built with professional purposes in mind, but it is just as handy for newbies. It has a large 105-inch head, so you have a decent sweet spot and lots of forgiveness. Furthermore, the package comes with a cover – lightly padded and features a shoulder strap.


·         Carbon fiber design

·         Designed for intermediate users – both advanced players and newbies

·         Large head for a good sweet spot and forgiveness

·         Comes with a professional cover

·         Top notch balance


·         Vibration might kick in after a few months

More Details about Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet – Strung with Cover

What to look for in the best mens tennis rackets

Small considerations like the material are irrelevant when you hunt for the best mens tennis racket from a reputable manufacturer. You know proportions, materials and the grip will not disappoint you. Then, what else should you look for?

Head size

The size of the head is one of the top considerations. You will notice small differences that may seem irrelevant, but they can actually alter your game. If you are new or intermediate, a large head size is a must. You will get a large sweet spot – the area located in the middle of the racket. That is what you normally hit the ball with.

This type of design is ideal for newbies, as your technique is still growing. You will not always hit the ball perfectly. On the same note, you will get some extra forgiveness, meaning small mistakes could go unnoticed as you gain experience.


The weight is not to be overlooked either. A bit of weight is mandatory for men, as they need momentum to hit the ball properly. However, it does not mean that the racket must cause fatigue. You should be able to swing it with no issues at all and play for hours without feeling any discomfort. Tennis related muscles are still developing if you are new to the sport.

On the other hand, more experienced players can go with a bit of weight. Keep in mind that the lack of weight could cause long-term issues by developing bad habits and techniques. For example, a super light racket that you can barely feel could cause you to flick your wrist. The problem will become a habit and can alter your overall performance in the long run.

Grip size

The grip size is another overlooked aspect. Luckily, such things are adjustable. Imagine a small grip – you will squeeze the handle in order to hold it. Your muscles will suffer – fatigue and discomfort. Plus, you could end up with an injury.

A large grip could be just as problematic, as you may not be able to use the wrist. As a general rule of thumb, the grip must ensure full motions in both your forearm and wrist. Here is a rough guide on what to aim for in terms of grip sizes:

·         Small hands – 4 to 4.25 inches or Euro sizes 0 to 2

·         Medium hands – 4.375 to 4.5 inches or Euro sizes 3 or 4

·         Large hands – 4.625 to 4.75 inches or Euro sizes 5 or 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best mens tennis rackets?

What type of tennis rackets do professionals use?

Professional tennis players have the experience and skills to move on from basic rackets. They have impressive swings, so they mostly aim for extra control. They would sacrifice power for control because they already have it in their arms. From this point of view, middle or middle plus rackets are more common among professionals. Andre Agassi used Head Flexpoint Radical OS, while Roger Federer prefers Wilson nSix-One Tour 90.

What happened to the old school wooden tennis rackets?

Strength, weight and speed are scientifically studied these days, especially when it comes to rackets. Materials like titanium, carbon fiber and graphite are quite common, yet aluminum is just as popular. Such materials bring in multiple innovations, are strong, versatile and less expensive than wood, hence the change.

How do I know when I hit the sweet spot?

There is no science behind the sweet spot. You will know you got it because it simply feels good. It produces the best combo in terms of power and feel. The ball will get plenty of power, but it will also come off smoothly.


Bottom line, these are some of the best mens tennis rackets for both beginners and advanced players. Keep in mind that no matter where you are, this racket will not really be for life. You will change your style, try out new techniques and discover new ideas, meaning you might need to upgrade every now and then.