Best Insoles For Work Boots On Concrete

Certain work environments require you to wear steel toe boots or work boots to avoid injury and burns. But a good pair of shoes can only get you so far without comfortable insoles. Choosing the correct insoles for your work boots is more important for harder and less absorbent surfaces like a concrete floor.

A survey done by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) revealed that about 77% of Americans suffer from foot pains. This restricts their day-to-day activities, and declines work productivity.

If your job involves walking on a concrete floor, it’s better to look for the right insoles to avoid foot pain. Luckily, manufacturers are now making specialized insoles for work boots on concrete.

We’ve listed our top 7 insole picks for work boots on concrete for you to choose from. In the end, we’ve penned down a list of factors to consider while buying insoles for work boots on concrete.

Best Insoles For Work Boots On Concrete

Here are our top 7 insole picks for working on concrete:

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

These lightweight insoles are made of leather and are shock absorbent. If you are looking for ways to make your day less tiresome, getting them is a good idea. Their anti-fatigue inverted cone and anatomically countered foot cradle, and dynamic arch provide support.

The Timberland Pro Insoles have a top layer of ortho lite for moisture management and comfort. It provides anti-microbial odor control and temperature regulation. Even though it is available for men’s shoes sized between x-small or 5-6 and xx-large or 14-15, they can be fitted or trimmed to fit women’s shoes.


  • Durable and thick leather
  • Fit for labor-intensive work
  • Layered with ortho light for cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Anti-microbial mesh lining
  • Countered FCX technology for arch support


  • Not appropriate for dress shoes
  • The top layer can come off prematurely
  • Thickness may make them unsuitable for certain shoes
  • Costly
More Information on Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole,Orange,X-Small/NA M US

Superfeet Unisex GREEN Professional-Grade High Arch Support Insoles

These are among the best-rated insoles by runners. Their design primarily focuses on holding the heel in place and decrease pressure on the knees. They give comfort to hips, ankles, and back. They offer arch sustenance and can decrease pronation even during strenuous activities like running.

Plus, being a high volume, insoles can fit in several types of footwear. Its strategically-placed cut-offs offer maximum natural shock absorption. The high-density foam layer provides long-lasting comfort and support. The rear is supported by the stabilizer cap at the base of the insoles.


  • Supported arch
  • Odor-resistant coating
  • Memory foam
  • The flexible wide heel area
  • Highly durable
  • Heavy-duty support
  • Stabilized cap supports the rear


  • Costly
  • Not fit for tight shoes
More Information on Superfeet unisex-adult GREEN Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Maximum Support Insole, 2.5-5 Men / 4.5-6 Women

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

These are affordable insoles and have built-in massaging gel advanced technology and responsive wave cushioning for energy-rebound and shock absorption.

Dr Scholl’s Insoles for Men – More Information at Amazon

They self-soothe your feet and provide comfort with extra cushioning. It has firm columns that provide side support to arches. To keep them dry and sweat-free, they come with cooling vents. These are available for both men and women and provide brilliant shock absorption to both men and women.

Dr Scholl’s Insoles for Women – More Information at Amazon


  • Shock absorbent
  • Protects ball of feet by extra cushioning
  • Response wave cushioning
  • Cooling vents for better hygiene
  • Affordable
  • Easy to wear


  • Thick heels
  • May not stay at one place and slide

Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort and Support Shoe Insole

These are one of the best-suited insoles for work boots and provide extra cushioning. They comprise four-way stretch fabric and a low friction top layer to prevent blisters. Spenco Polysorb insoles also come with an anti-microbial feature to control odor.

The padded EVA footbed makes them ideal for running or walking on concrete. The foam is made up of polysorb polyurethane and helps provide better arch support. This unisex heavy-duty insole is lightweight and shock absorbent.


  • Stretch fabric
  • Anti-microbial feature controls odor
  • Extra cushioning
  • Lightweight with arch support
  • Unisex


  • Less supportive
  • Can put pressure on the arch
More Information on Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort and Support Shoe Insole, Women’s Men’s 14-15.5

Sof Sole Insoles AIRR Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

Their Coolmax technology makes them breathable and keeps the feet and insole clean and dry. It is resistant to bacteria and also odor-resistant. They use Skydex technology that traps air bubbles under the arch and heel, which absorbs shock and provides comfort.

Sof Sole Insoles for Women – More Information at Amazon

The Sof Sole Insoles promote ease of movement by converting impact felt into kinetic energy. The arch is neutral and can fit almost any shoe type, making it versatile. These are made of polyurethane, which makes them durable and flexible.

Sof Sole Insoles for Men – More Information at Amazon


  • Anti-microbial
  • Ideal for running on concrete
  • Shock resistant
  • Durable


  • The thick insole may need fitting
  • Expensive

Power step Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

These full-length insoles provide complete support. They offer a steady and comfortable support shell. They come with an in-built foot cradle and heel support.

They are fit for casual, work, and sports shoes. Their heel cradle and semi-rigid foot arch offer firmness and extra support. The Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) offers targeted soft cushioning.

These are ideal for relieving foot-related medial pain that stems from arch or heel pain, metatarsal pain, or Plantar Fasciitis. It is suitable for people working on concrete and provides relief from aching feet and pronation.


  • Maximum cushioning
  • Flexible and easy to transfer
  • Extra-cushioning
  • Odor-resistant
  • Shock-resistant arch and heel cradle
  • Anti-microbial


  • Not fit for those with high arches
More Information on Powerstep Unisex’s Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insole Shoe Inserts, Workout Gear for Home Workou, Maroon, Men’s 3-3.5, Women’s 5-5.5

Trek Support Work Gel Insole

These affordable shoe insoles are fit for closed-toe shoes, trainers, and work boots. The honeycomb gel technology makes them shock absorbent and cushions against hard surfaces. They help avoid foot and leg fatigue for people with long-standing jobs.

Trek Support Work Gel Insole Women – More Information at Amazon

A lightweight polyurethane foam sits on its top and provides shock-resistance. And beneath it, the honeycomb gel technology provides cushioning for hard surfaces. They come with medium arch support and ventilation holes for cool and dry feet.

Trek Support Work Gel Insole Men – More Information at Amazon


  • Extra padding
  • Honeycomb gel technology
  • Arch support
  • Cushioned top layer
  • Ventilation design
  • Affordable


  • Thick
  • May need trimming to fit exact shoe-size

Factors to Consider for Buying Insoles for Work boots on concrete


Getting the insoles that match your feet size is crucial. A poorly fit insole may not work well and slide out of its place. That is why you should carefully read the size chart before buying insoles.

At times, the exact size varies with each type or brand, so you must try it before buying or look for easy returns in case of online shopping. Sizes vary across insoles for men and women, though some unisex insoles offer common sizes. If you are unable to find a perfect-sized insole, you can trim it yourself or get it trimmed from the retailer.

Full Length or ¾ Insoles

Depending upon your needs, you can opt for either the foot length insole or ¾ sized. Full-length insoles support the heel, arch, and forefoot. They cover the entire length of your shoes and provide full support.

As a result, they seem ideal for those involved in strenuous activities or suffer from severe sores on the front.

Whereas ¾ Length Insoles are fit for short or slim shoes. It is convenient for people who frequently transfer insoles between different shoes.

You can use them for standing, walking, and light running. They are ideal for small-sized shoes and are easy to handle.


Your specific requirements determine the type of sole you need. Most good insoles are antibacterial and well ventilated. The insole may be made of EVA foam, massaging gel, cock, leather, or any other type of material.

EVA foam insoles are supportive, flexible, and durable for high impact, which makes them suitable for people with plantar fasciitis. Whereas the absorbent gel insoles provide massaging comfort and ease pressure points. This makes them ideal for extra relief during long working hours.

Cork insoles offer slight cushioning and support, whereas leather works with cushioning and a soft feel.

Insole footbed

The insole footbed may be rigid, semi-rigid, or cushioned, depending upon your foot condition or the type of work. Insoles with rigid footbeds are commonly recommended by podiatrists for those suffering from chronic foot ailments. They are often made up of hard plastic.

The semi-rigid footbed insoles are both comfortable and stable to support the heel and the arch. They are often used to treat arch pain and are the most commonly used.

On the other hand, the cushioned footbeds cushion and lessen the impact of your steps. They offer mild support and are suitable for walking or running. People with foot fatigue can benefit from these insoles.

Area of discomfort

The type of insoles would depend on your problem area. You have to choose the orthotic insert that caters to your needs. In fact, picking up the wrong insoles can further hurt your feet instead of providing relief.

Primarily, there are two kinds of insoles – the ones designed to give comfort and those to provide support to specific problem areas.

When it comes to comfort, you need cushioning and shock absorbent insoles. They are designed to provide relief from long hours of standing, walking, or even running on concrete. They may come with foam or gel at certain spots to provide better comfort.

When it comes to insoles built to support certain problem areas, the focus is more on the supportive design and less on cushioning. They are built less flexibly and uniquely to fit the specific feet type and provide relief.

Arch type

You need to determine your arch type – high, medium, or low before you choose suitable insoles. People with high arches need support to hold the weight of the entire body. If you have a low or medium arch, an insole suited for high arches may not be of much use to you.

For fallen arches or flat feet, you must look for an orthotic with enough medial rear support. You must look for neutral, low, or high arch type insoles according to your foot type. You can consult a podiatrist or your local shoe shop to determine that.

For those who have overpronation. Improper insoles may cause blisters, shoe tears, and pain in heels and arch. Whereas a suitable insole will stabilize the foot to prevent such problems.

Foot condition

Some people have foot conditions that cause their feet to ache despite wearing good quality shoes and insoles. These conditions vary from person to person and can be hereditary. These include dropped arches, corns, calluses, flat feet, high arches, inflammation or plantar fasciitis, overpronation, or other ailments.

Wearing normal insoles with such conditions can even cause serious foot injury. Specially designed shoes are crucial to aid such foot conditions in addition to suitable insoles.

A podiatrist or a foot doctor is the best person to advise on individual feet type and ailments. Or else you can look for a specialist or shoe salesman that can determine your foot type and suggest accordingly. But the latter option might be less reliable.

Type of activity you are engaged in

Whether your job requires standing, walking, or running on concrete plays an important role in determining your type of insoles. If your job entails long hours of standing, you will require an insole that will be soft-absorbent and come with extra cushioning. For running and walking needs, one with foam or massaging gel will provide extra relief.

Summing Up

The concrete surface isn’t your feet’ best friend. Your feet can hurt and fall prone to ailments even with ideal steel-toe-shoes. To have a tolerable and productive workday, you must invest in good quality insoles.

We’ve shortlisted the best picks for you. Overall, Timberland Pro Antifatigue insoles win the final verdict – they are ideal for working on a concrete floor. If you’re looking for a more affordable range, you can check out Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel insoles.

Keep in mind that several factors like arch type, problem areas, feet type, and strain level determine your ideal insole.