Best Fishing Kayak For Under 500

If you are looking for an accessible and affordable way to fish, a kayak may be the right option for you. Many anglers are opting for this as it allows you to access remote areas more easily than a boat can.

Do you want to purchase a kayak to accompany you on your next fishing trip? Kayaks can help you get some quiet and peaceful fishing done. They also allow for a more intimate fishing experience.

Read ahead as we curate a list of the best fishing kayak for under 500 options and review them in-depth. We have also put together a buying guide to help you make the best purchase.

Best Fishing Kayak for Under 500

Read ahead as we review some of the best fishing kayak under 500 options for you. 

Pelican Sit-on-Top Kayak Sentinel 100X

This kayak has a multi chine flat bottom hull. It ensures that the kayak is stable when you are casting in lines. It remains stable as you reel in the fish as well. It is a lightweight option and weighs only 44 lb.

It measures 9 feet and 6 inches and is an excellent kayak for a single person. The lightweight kayak is also very easy to transport. You will also be able to store it easily, and it won’t demand too much space.

It is made using Pelican’s patented Ram-X materials. These make it a very durable option that will accompany you through many years of fishing expeditions. The kayak is also very easy to clean, and you won’t have to spend too much time on it.

Use some regular soap and water, and you should be good to go. The storage compartment in this kayak is removable as well. It is the ExoPak that fits into the tank just right. The manufacturer uses a unique manufacturing process so that the kayak has additional floatation.

This is inside the hull of this sit-on-top. Do note that this kayak has a maximum capacity of 275 lb. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for good maneuverability. It is agile enough to allow for this. It also allows the angler to use minimum force to move long distances.

If you are looking for stability over speed, this is the perfect kayak for you. It also comes with adjustable footrests and even a smartphone holder.


  • Very stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent price


  • On the narrower side
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Lifetime Tamarack Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

This kayak is made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene that makes it a durable option for you. Whatever your foot size, the kayak is accommodative. It comes with many footrest positions that are great for riders of various sizes.

The seat pad and back of this kayak are adjustable. It also comes with a stable flat bottom. It also comes with shock cord straps in the front and rear. It comes with two flush-mounted fishing rod holders as well.

It has one top mount fishing rod holder. It is 10 feet in length and weighs 52 lbs. It also has a capacity of 275 lbs. which is one of the best in the market. Hence, it is one of the best fishing kayak under $500.

It also has bungee cording. This will hold your tackle box and cooler well. The fisherman’s kayak is excellent as you can take it to all your favorite fishing spots efficiently. It has an underlying skeg and a sharp nose that allow for straight tracking.

You can, hence, arrive at all your secluded fishing spots with decent speed. It also allows access to areas that motorized boats will not be able to reach. It also has good side rails and a flat bottom that make it relatively easy to move around.

There are also two storage compartments. These are located at the rear and center. The durable kayak also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It is also made with an impact-resistant body that is bound to last you a long time.


  • Tracks very well
  • It gives adequate leg space
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use


  • Thin seat pad
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Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

This kayak is lightweight and made for heavy-duty use at the same time. This is because it is made with a laminate PVC that is super tough. This also comes with a polyester core. Hence, despite its light body, it is very resistant to any damage from abrasion.

It is also resistant to sunlight and even impacts as well. It comes with high-pressure inflation as well. This provides its body with stability and rigidity. In addition to his, it also comes with high-pressure spring-loaded valves.

These allow for quick and convenient inflation and deflation. The best part is that it is excellent for both deep and shallow waters. To enable this ability, it comes with two removable skews. You will also find two floor-mounted footrests and two adjustable bucket seats.

There are also two integrated fishing rod holders. What all of these adjustments mean is that this kayak can hold a maximum capacity of 400 pounds and has been set up for this as well. It also has a mounting bracket that is removable and adjustable.

It means that you can place any additional accessories here. This can include GPS systems, swivel fishing rod holders, and even fish finders. In addition to these, it also comes with a repair patch and carry bag.

This kayak is super rigid and comes with a 3-ply construction for the same. The PVC also remains unaffected by gasoline, salt, oil, and saltwater alike. The pump that comes with the package is also high-output.

You will enjoy the best maneuverability whether you are moving through shallow or deep waters. There are also stainless d-rings in the storage space that makes it easy to tie down any dry bags and gear.


  • It comes with an excellent travel bag
  • Paddles very well
  • Suitable for deep and shallow waters
  • Very durable


  • Will have to buy a separate anchor
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Pelican Sit-in Kayak

This is a recreational kayak that is perfect for beginners. These are also made using the twin arched multi chine hull from Pelican. It is known for its spacious cockpit that will let you stretch your feet out. It is also very sturdy and stable.

The kayak is also very easy to get in and out of. It is also relatively easy to transport. Hence, you will also be able to carry it around just as easily. All of this is possible because it comes at a weight of just 36 lbs.

Similar to other kayaks from Pelican, it also comes with some good adjustable features. One of these is the adjustable footrest. In addition to this, you will also find the adjustable Ergofoam padded backrest that comes with a seat cushion. 

You will see a front storage hatch that comes with a bungee cord. It also comes with a rear tank. This comes with a cockpit table and a mesh deck cover. The cockpit table, in turn, comes with convenient compartments for easy storage.

There is also a bottle holder here. One cannot emphasize the importance of hydration when you are out fishing for long hours. The kayak comes with a second bottle-holder. This is built into the seat.

It is also an agile kayak that you will be able to maneuver with ease. It is also a fast option for anyone who prefers speed. It is one of the best fishing kayak under 500 that is recommended for beginners.

You can enjoy kayaking during the cool or warm season with this by your side.


  • A great option for beginners
  • Light and agile
  • Good storage space
  • Great value for money


  • It takes effort to keep straight
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Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit-in Kayak

The kayak you bring home can help you fish well and look stylish while doing so. This kayak achieves both with its good performance on the water and stylish body in an orchid fusion color. It is bound to catch the eye of all your fishing mates.

It comes in an adjustable seat that has a quick-release seat back. It also comes with an excellent seat pad for comfort. The kayak also comes with deep hull channels. This makes it a great kayak for tracking performance.

It also comes with Chine Rails that ensure that it is stable. There are multiple footrest positions, and it is great for paddlers of different sizes. It also comes with an oval hatch. This allows for added storage under the deck.

The design also involves a flat bottom. The kayak is very easy to transport and move. This feature is further enhanced by the rear, and front toggle handles on it. Many people go ahead and use it in the ocean, and it is not harmed from using it in saltwater.

It is a very spacious kayak and will have plenty of room for all your fishing accessories. The opening is very roomy as well. The kayak can be used to access fishing spots that other larger boats will not be able to access with ease.

It is also great for your solitary fishing expeditions of long hours. It also comes at an affordable price and offers great value for your money.


  • Spacious kayak
  • Easy to get into
  • Very stylish
  • Good storage arrangements


  • Not very balanced
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Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak

This is one of the most affordable quality kayaks available in the market. It is one of the best kayak for under 500 options that is excellent for lake usage. It is because of its 21-gauge PVC construction that makes it apt for heavy-duty rugged use.

There are many air chambers in this kayak. If any of these is punctured, the other will keep the kayak afloat. Hence, it makes for a safe kayak option. Beginners will especially love it. The kayak is also an airtight system that won’t leak and cause a fuss. 

It is necessary for any kayak that fills with air to be easy to operate. One of the key areas this applies to is in inflating and deflating it. It comes with double lock valves for this. These use two locking points to make both inflating and delating it very easy.

The convenience is also extended to the seating arrangement. It comes with an adjustable seat that moves so that it fits your body right. You can now simply lean back and enjoy the ride with the comfortable backrests.

If you are worried about getting water splashed all over you as you fish, you need not worry. This kayak comes with spray covers that keep you dry by blocking any splashes out. It also has carry handles that make it very easy to carry the kayak both into the water and out.

One of the best parts about this kayak is that it can accommodate two people in a go. Hence, it is great for both your solitary fishing expeditions and ones with a partner. It can hold up to 360 lbs. at a time.

This kayak also comes with a 90-day limited warranty.


  • Safe and sturdy
  • Seats 2 people
  • Spray cover to keep you dry
  • Easy inflation and deflation


  • The seats are not great
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Emotion 90245 Spitfire Sit-On-Top 8 Foot Kayak

This fishing kayak comes in a high-density construction and is made of polyethylene. This material lends it its good durability as well as strength. You can expect a weight capacity of 250 lbs. from this kayak. It is hence perfect for one person.

It is also made of an ST Performance Hull, which is known for its tracking. It also offers good stability. It has rear, side, and front carry handles that make it very easy to transport and carry out of water.

It is also rather easy to place it into the water. It also has a rear tankwell that comes with cargo net lacing. This is perfect for storage. When you fish, you want your feet to be placed comfortably and securely.

It is especially important if you prefer long hours of fishing. To ensure both comfort and secure foot bracing, the kayak comes with molded-in freedom footwells. The kayak is also blow-molded.

This is from ultra-durable UV protected plastic. It is high-density polyethylene plastic. The sit-on-top design of the kayak is also very spacious. You will also find self-draining holes just at the bottom of the seat. They are great for letting water drain out while sitting.

It works very well in tight rivers and creeks since it is very easy to turn. It is also very comfortable to sit in and is great for tracking as well. It is a great option for all beginner paddlers.

However, you may want to note that it is not recommended for very long kayaking trips. It is a lightweight and well-shaped kayak that is perfect for shorter day trips.


  • Good foot support
  • Self-draining mechanism
  • Spacious
  • Easy to carry and transport


  • Will need a skeg
  • Not for long trips
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Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

This is one of the best kayak for under 500 options that can hold more than two people. It is an excellent option at a price and has a capacity of 650 lbs. It is suitable for waters up to Class III whitewater.

It is a versatile kayak and can be used for fishing, paddling, yacht tending, and skin diving, among other options. It is perfect even for rivers. It weighs only 32 lbs. and you can easily lower it into the water. Once done, simply go ahead and pull it out.

You can also go ahead and carry your gear on it. The best part is that you can also bring your dogs onto the kayak. It has a rugged PolyKrylar hull, which makes it pet friendly. It is because it can handle dog claws and paws as well.

The hull is also extra thick for added stability. It also comes with an I-beam construction floor that makes the kayak extra rigid. It comes with a removable inflatable front and a self-bailing drain valve. It is an especially advantageous feature when you are over ocean surf.

It is also great on whitewater rivers. It also has two molded kegs that allow for good tracking over water. There are also high-frequency welded seams on this kayak. It fuses the entire material into a solid piece that you can use over water.

It also comes with a bow and stern grab line and a repair kit. In addition to this, there is also a pressure gauge. Even if you have speedboats zipping around you, the kayak is rather easy to maneuver. If you are looking for a convenient option, this is the kayak for you.


  • Versatile
  • Very convenient
  • Dog-friendly kayak
  • Good tracking


  • Paddles tend to brush kayak
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Emotion Guster Sit-Inside Kayak

If bright colors are your go-to hues, this is the right fishing kayak for you. It is a bright orange sit-inside kayak that has a seat-pad for comfortable sitting. It also has a padded seat back that is adjustable.

The ST performance hull on this kayak also allows good tracking and stability. You may have many fishing accessories that you carry on your expedition. A good kayak must ensure that it is accommodative of those.

In addition to space, it should also be able to store the items securely. This kayak allows just this with its shock cord straps at the read and front of the kayak. These allow you to secure any loose items. Hence, you can fish without thinking about the storage of your accessories.

The kayak also comes with an oval hatch. With this, you will be able to store any additional items beneath the deck. You will also find handles in the front and rear. These make it very easy to carry and transport the kayak.

The kayak is lightweight and weighs just 48 lbs. It has a capacity of up to 275 lbs. If required, you can request the manufacturers for any replacement parts. This kayak is also solid and has a responsive body that is easy to move and maneuver.

It is great for a beginner and performs best on leisurely waters. The tracking on the kayak is very raft-like and needs some extra effort to keep the course. It hence offers great value for money for anyone using this kayak recreationally.


  • Good and secure storage
  • Easy to carry in and out of water
  • Responsive body
  • Comfortable seating


  • Rides lower at the back
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Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 Fishing Kayak

This kayak comes in a lime green body that is attractive and bright. It is made in a combination tunnel hull design that allows for good stability and tracking. Hence, you can enjoy some efficient fishing expeditions.

There are multiple footrests positions on the kayak as well. These are great for paddlers with different foot sizes. The storage options on this kayak are also great. It has a molded-in swim-up deck.

Along with this is also the bungee lacing feature that allows for good storage. As you go ahead and fish, the kayak will also keep you comfortable. It comes with an adjustable quick-release seat-back for this. 

You will also find a handle on the front. This makes it very easy to move the boat in and out of water. When you purchase this kayak, you will also receive paddles with it. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty as well.

One of the key features of this kayak is that the sit-in is designed to keep you safe. It is also durable because of its UV-resistant and impact-resistant features. It is also lightweight and weighs just 41 pounds.

Further, it has a capacity of up to 225 lbs. This kayak is also made with a slightly angled back. It also has built-in divots on the side. Hence, it will be easy for you to pull yourself on-board if necessary.


  • Safe design
  • UV-resistant durable body
  • Comes with paddles
  • Attractive body


  • The seat can be more comfortable
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Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Kayak Under $500

Buying a fishing kayak will mean that all of your fishing expeditions will be spent on it. There are many features you will have to pay attention to before you opt for the right kayak for yourself. Read ahead as we discuss some of the important features of a fishing kayak.


It is important that your fishing kayak is a durable one. If you are opting for a kayak under $500, you should not compromise on the durability. Look for materials that are impact-resistant and UV-resistant. These often lead to durable kayaks.

Pay attention to the construction and see that it is of high-quality. This will ensure that your kayak is a worthy long-term investment.

Available Storage Space

A kayak under $500 is a budget option and will not be too large. You may not be able to get as much storage space for your accessories as you would have with a larger kayak. However, ensure that any carry-on fishing gear you have easily fits into your kayak.

Many manufacturers offer innovative ways of increasing storage space. From storage compartments under seats to other options, look for ones that make the best of the space. You should opt for a kayak with sealed storage space.

This will keep any electronics and other items you store waterproof while you are fishing. You can also look for any rod holders and cup holders on the kayak. This will keep your water bottles in a designated space. Hence, it will help keep you hydrated.


It is very important that your kayak should be portable. It is especially necessary if you engage in solitary fishing where you can’t get too much help. You should be able to easily carry your kayak to the water.

You should also be able to lower it into the water and pull it out with ease. Do note that this will be in addition to any accessories you keep in the kayak. To keep the kayak portable, don’t exceed the 50-pound limit on your accessories.

This will make your experience that much more pleasant.

Length of the Kayak

If your kayak is wider and short, it will remain stable and will make it easier for you to fish. On the other hand, a kayak that is small and narrow moves across the water rather fast. The wider ones will not move as fast.

If fishing is your priority, you should also pay attention to the water body you will use most. If you prefer fishing in rivers and have to move a lot, a narrower kayak is apt. For quiet ponds, opt for a wider kayak.

Further, some people prefer to use their kayaks in versatile ways. They may use it for other sports in addition to fishing. If this is the case, look for the right balance of width and length that will suit all your needs best.


Depending on the waters you will fish in, you may need an anchoring device. If you tend to fish in rough waters, opt for an anchor. However, if you fish in calm and quiet waters, you won’t need an anchor. In most cases, you will have to purchase your anchor yourself.

Type of Kayak

This is another key feature that you should pay attention to. Kayaks may be solid or inflatable. If you opt for a solid kayak, ensure that you have enough storage space available. Inflatable kayaks will not take as much space.

They are also designed to resist punctures and can be folded down. Hence, they are also more portable options. Do note that solid kayaks will last longer. Another differentiation among kayaks is the sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks.

If you like watching the waters carefully and being very hands-on, you should look for a sit-on-top kayak. It gives you more freedom to move around on your knees. If you instead opt for a sit-in kayak, you will have to stay put in the seated position while fishing.

You can pick these two types of kayaks depending on your fishing style.


Carefully take a look at the size of your feet and the footrest in the kayak. This is important in keeping you comfortable and stretching right the whole time you fish. Many fishing kayaks today come with adjustable footrests.

These fit all foot sizes just right, and you won’t have to worry about wrong sizing.

Hull of the Kayak

This is another aspect that affects the stability of your kayak. Most fishing kayaks will be designed to have a flat-bottom hull. This adds stability to the kayak. It is a great option for beginners. They also ride very slowly in the water.

Hence, they are perfect for still waters. Some kayaks have v hulls. These move fast but are not as stable.


The skegs on your kayak may also be known as rudder or fins. They are important structures that will be attached to the bottom part of your kayak. The primary function of this structure is to keep your kayak riding straight and resisting the winds.

If the wind is pushing against you, the kayak will remain stable because of the skegs. It may be especially necessary for inflatable kayaks. You can opt for skegs with this type of kayak to keep it safe against any crosswinds.

Summing It Up

If you are a beginner and want to try fishing as a hobby, these affordable kayaks may be the best option. They will let you cultivate a new hobby without burning a hole in your pocket. We have listed the 10 best fishing kayak under 500 options earlier.

We have reviewed each in-depth so that you can pick the best one for your needs. Compare, contrast, and do your research before you pick one. A sturdy kayak that is also spacious should be a good starting point to begin choosing.