Best Arch Support Flip Flop

To our common delight, summer is fast approaching—what better time to shop for those bright-colored, cute flip-flops that you’ve had your eyes on. The standard summer or beach attire would be incomplete for most of us without those minimal thong sandals.

These flimsy slippers have a distinctly relaxed summer vibe to them, no doubt. What they also have, according to studies, is ineffective foot support, which has been shown to have an impact on gait and posture. This is an inconvenient caveat, yet something that can’t be overlooked when it comes to footwear choice.

However, you don’t need to discard your flip-flop fancies just yet. In view of this particular problem with traditional flip flops, improved, rectified designs with better support and foot comfort have made their way into the market. These come with enhanced arch support and a firmer grip that makes them safe and sound to wear without side-effects.

Best Arch Support Flip Flop

Considering the variety of such flip flops that are available out there, it can become quite a task to work your way through the variety to find the right one for yourself. We have put in all that effort for you in curating this list of the best arch support flip-flops on the market right now.

Read on to find the top picks in the category, along with a buying guide to walk you through the process of picking one at the end.

Best Arch Support Flip Flops

We have done our thorough research to bring to you this list of the best arch support flip flops available on the market right now. You won’t need to look further than these top five picks to find the ideal one for your needs.

1. OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Thong Sandal

The OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Thong Sandals are a high-quality, thoughtfully-designed pair of flip flops. Made out of orthotic-conforming synthetic foam, these sandals are sturdy yet lightweight.

Though you will find these sandals to be versatile and adaptable to a number of uses, these were designed keeping in mind the requirements to recharge after a heavy workout. The comfort these provide extends beyond your foot to your lower back, knees, and ankles.

The footbed of the OOriginal sandals is textured and ergonomic in build to ensure resistance to slips and slides, as well as maximum arch support. The bottom of the sole is designed with a grid pattern to provide reliable grip traction for stability and address pronation concerns. Better yet, these flip flops come in several color choices to match all your preferences and outfits.

These flip flops, made with the proprietary OOFOS’s OOriginal OOfoam technology, are reported to absorb as much as 37% more impact than the standard foam footwear, which ensures fantastic foot comfort while wearing these and speedier post-workout recovery.

You will find these adaptable for walking on hard surfaces as well because of the additional cushioning provided by the extra foam between the back of the foot and the heel. This footwear is also ideal for people with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis for an assured pain-free and comfortable experience, even with prolonged use.

This pair of flip-flops is also amenable to use in the shower or on the beach, given its bacteria and moisture resistance. This allows them to remain fresh and avoid any unpleasant odor. Easy to maintain, these can also be washed in a machine. What’s more, these sandals come with a free-of-cost foot roller and massager.


  • Orthotic-conforming synthetic foam
  • 37% more impact absorption
  • Great grip and traction
  • Ideal for post-workout recharge
  • Slip-resistant
  • Extra heel cushioning
  • Shower and beach-ready
  • Bacteria and moisture resistant
  • Wide color choice
  • Machine washable


  • Size found to be a little larger than normal
More Information on OOFOS Unisex Original Thong flip flop , Black, 5 B(M) US Women / 3 D(M) US Men

2. Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal has been designed to blend comfort with appearance. It is made with extra padding and soft, jersey-lined uppers.

Combined with the nylon-mesh webbed toe-post with top-stitching, these flip flops are certainly one of the most comfortable on the market.

Designed to suit a wide variety of styles and preferences, these sandals come in a range of different colors for you to choose from. Utility-wise, these sandals are patterned with textured bumps and dots, which function to provide enhanced grip and stability.

Other than this, these sandals feature an EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that is caved at the heel and arched in the middle for better positional fit and three-zone support.

Its design also accounts for pronation concerns through its tri-planar motion control. This keeps the foot in its natural position and alignment, whether you are sitting, standing, or walking.

Modeled on the APMA compliant ortho-heel technology, the Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandals feature durable rubber outsoles with a wave-patterned texture. This ensures firm traction, even while walking on wet ground.

This combination of thoughtfully-designed, ergonomic features is the reason these sandals are endorsed by podiatrists everywhere. They work like no other to deliver comfort and relieve pain in case of any foot condition.


  • Jersey-lined uppers
  • Nylon mesh-webbing
  • Enhanced firm grip
  • Orthotic footbed with three-zone support
  • Tri-planar motion control
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Wide color choice


  • Straps can be initially uncomfortable
More Information on Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal, 6 B(M) US Women / 5 D(M) US Men, (Black)

3. Birkenstock Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals

Birkenstocks are reputed and well-loved for their comfort and style. The Birkenstock Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals are no exception. They have been thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the tiniest of the details to ensure unparalleled ease when worn.

You can walk around in these for hours on end without sensing the remotest of pain or discomfort. This also applies to those with any foot conditions. The sandals have been constructed to promote foot care and health, prioritizing long-term comfort and well-being.

The contoured footbed and excellent arch support of the Birkenstock Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals cradle and support your feet right where you need them to. Furthermore, the flip flops come with midsoles made of cork that are meant to adapt and take the shape of your feet with some use.

To ensure a stable footing and minimum pronation, these sandals come with a buckle closure that allows you to loosen or tighten the strap as per your needs and comfort. Traction is assured to be firm and steady, given the textured rubber outsoles.

Highly rated at 4.5 stars by its more than 18,000 users, it stands out amongst its competitors for being super flexible, lightweight, shock-absorbent, skin-friendly, and waterproof. Better yet, these come with a distinct style and in a variety of over 12 attractive colors and patterns.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Contoured footbed
  • Adaptable cork midsoles
  • Sturdy and shock-absorbent
  • Incredible arch support
  • Buckle closure
  • Textured rubber outsoles
  • Skin-friendly and waterproof
  • Trendy and stylish


  • Relatively expensive
More Information on Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Gizeh EVA Sandals White 35 N EU (US Women’s 4-4.5)

4. AEROTHOTIC Original Thong Style Flip Flops

Aerothotic claims to ensure maximum comfort through its flip-flops without lessening the essence of contemporary fashion streamline. According to their website, “they consider the anatomical structure of feet to accommodate the arches with sufficient support. The careful construction of our supportive sandals fulfills the orthopedic needs of the feet to pursue an active routine.”

The Aerothotic Original Thong Style Flip Flops fit this description perfectly. A comfortable and functional pair of flip-flops, these work well for both indoor and outdoor needs. With an easy-to-slip in malleable construction, these sandals come with an assurance of 100% arch support.

The soft and padded, high-quality thong straps of these sandals are easy on the skin yet sturdy and long-lasting. The midsole is PU-injected in order to target the right pressure points on your feet. This helps reduce and even eliminate back and heel pain.

The ergonomic design is suited to help you maintain the right posture and gait. It does so by ensuring the body weight is equally distributed across the foot. The hollow U-shaped outsole guarantees firm traction on rough and slippery surfaces alike.

These are breathable, water-resistant, quick to dry off, and don’t make the annoying squeaky noise when wet. This makes these a perfect choice for use on the beach or while showering. Their versatility is one of the reasons for their popularity across categories.

Being lightweight and flexible, these are one of the highest-rated flip-flops for outdoor, sporty use. Appearance-wise too, they are well-liked, being adaptable to a diverse variety of styles.


  • Assured 100% arch support
  • Soft and padded straps
  • Durable U-shaped outsoles
  • Firm grip and traction
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Versatile in utility
  • Breathable and water-resistant


  • Slightly rigid initially
More Information on AEROTHOTIC Women’s Comfortable Orthotic Flip-Flops Sandal (US Women 6, Crystal Black)

5. Crocs Unisex Classic Ii Flip Flop

We have all seen the popular, distinctive design of crocs, if not flaunted it ourselves. While Crocs’ sandals are all light and comfortable, it is true that a lot of people don’t find the unique style exactly palatable.

Luckily for the latter group, Crocs has toned down the uniqueness in the flip-flops department while keeping up the comfort and flexibility. This makes them perfect when it comes to foot health and well-being.

The splendid crossover between health and style needs, the Crocs Unisex Classic Ii Flip Flops made out of pure thermoplastic (EVA), are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, prepared for everything the day has in store for you.

Exceptionally flexible and durable, these flip flops boast the Crocs patented Croslite foam insoles and footbeds, which is known to offer supreme foot support. The straps come in a variety of color choices to suit diverse tastes.

The footbed promotes circulation through the in-built circulation nubs. Designed for use on the beach, it has slip-resistant outsoles for better traction and stability, even on slippery surfaces.

The caved-in heel bed and effective arch support make these a wonderful fit. Better yet, these flip flops are convenient to wear and carry anywhere, dry quickly, and are extremely easy to clean and care for.


  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Incredible arch support
  • Textured rubber outsoles
  • Wide color choice
  • Skin-friendly and waterproof
  • Versatile in utility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Trendy and stylish


  • It might make a slight squeaky noise with prolonged, heavy use
More Information on Crocs Classic II Flip Flop|Casual Beach Shower Shoe Sandal, Black, 6 US Women / 4 US Men M US

Factors To Consider When Buying Arch Support Flip Flops

Even when you know the best arch support flip flops available right now, you might be puzzled when it comes to picking one out for yourself. To make the right choice amongst the many on offer, you need to have your priorities clear.

Below are some factors you need to keep in mind when searching for your ideal pair of flip-flops.

1. Material

Like any other clothing or footwear essential, the material is an all-important factor to consider. When opting for a cheaper product, you are implicitly compromising on your foot health and comfort.

Going for good quality material, on the other hand, will save you long-term discomfort and costs in replacement. Cheap thin rubber straps are likely to be uncomfortable and give you blisters, while thicker synthetic or leather straps would be much easier on your feet.

The same goes for soles. Thinner ones would be less shock-absorbent, while the padded ones would be more effective at shielding your feet from impact.

2. Comfort

When it comes to footwear varieties like the flip flops that are most often worn for daily use, concerns of comfort reign supreme. If they are not comfortable, they are not worth it.

The common issue with flip-flops is the Y-shaped strap that a lot of people don’t find comfortable. With prolonged use, it tends to ride up against the foot and cause discomfort, even blisters.

Some varieties combat this in a variety of ways, either by altering the shape altogether or packing it with sufficient padding. Further, the kind of arch support the slipper provides determines how natural it will feel in your foot.

3. Purpose

While flip flops are seen to be one of the most versatile footwear types, it is always better to have the purpose you are getting them for in mind.

Best flip flops with arch support

If you are planning on wearing them on long strolls, you might want to opt for a sturdier, more comfortable pair than if you were simply taking them to the beach. In the latter case, a stylish, water-resistant type would work better.

Therefore, visualizing the utility and application helps you make the better-suited choice, even with something as generic as flip-flops.

4. Durability

Because of the varied ways and places you will be wearing your flip-flops, the consideration of their endurance becomes crucial. The cheaper varieties will give way every other time you wear them, making the need for replacement annoyingly frequent.

Going for a more durable build would keep the straps from breaking or detaching from the soles, a less persistent issue, saving you the money and effort of replacement every now and then.

Summing Up

When out in the market searching for a pair of good arch support flip flops, keeping in mind some of these guiding points will help you make the right choice you will be happy within the long run.

Flip flops undoubtedly remain some of the most-liked footwear varieties for their simplicity, versatility, and comfort. Even in that case, it is vital to know what you are looking for and which ones are the best-loved by their users to find the one that fits your needs the best.