Baseball Coaches: How to Prepare for an Away Game

Over 2 million baseballs are manufactured by Rawlings every year. As a baseball coach, it can be difficult to prepare your team for any game. It’s even more difficult when you have to get ready for an away game due to the travel and preparation required.

You also have to decide what uniform the team will wear, when the team needs to get to the field, and what to bring to a baseball game. Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for an away game.

Set an Early Show Up Time

A major part of playing an away game is having to travel. You have to make sure that you and all your players get to the opposing field on time, or else you could be risking a forfeit.

It’s important to set a time that the team needs to show up that has enough buffer time built in. If your team is traveling there together, it gives you a cushion in case someone is late because they forgot their baseball gear.

If your team is meeting at the opposing field, buffer time allows for unforeseen travel delays.

It’s better to show up early than show up late, so be sure to inform your team that they need to be timely.

Bring Extra Gear to an Away Game

When you’re playing a home game, it’s fairly easy to find replacement gear if needed. Did one of your players forget their custom fungo bat? No worries, you have an extra bat in your dugout.

At an away game, it’s much more difficult to scrounge up extra equipment. All you have is what you bring with you, so you need to make sure that you have everything you need.

If you normally only bring two bats to a home game, bring another to an away game. Having extra baseball gear will help your team if they end up forgetting anything.

Since you’re at an away game, you’re not able to pop on home quickly to pick up what you’ve forgotten. Be sure to build in redundancy with your equipment in case someone forgets.

Also, when it comes to your baseball coach attire, make sure you don’t forget to dress a little nicer. Strike some fear into the opposing team with your fine threads.

You Need to Think Ahead

What’s most important when it comes to an away game is preparation.

If you’re in a different field than normal (it could be hours away from home), you need to have everything you need with you. You also need to show up on time, and you never know how the traffic could slow down your plans.

Basically, be prepared for things to go wrong. As the saying goes, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

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