All about Ryka Sports Shoes

Ryka is a sports shoe company, founded by Sheri Poe in 1987. She was an entrepreneur who wanted to design an athletic shoe which had an excellent fitting. The company makes athletic apparel for women, as well. Ryka Shoes Company merged with Global Sports in 1997, and they sold their branded division to American Sporting Goods Corporation in 1999. American Sporting Goods then bought the company in 2011, and Brown Shoe now owns it. Ryka shoes have been introduced to Princess Diana as well, through the creation of Ryka Rose Foundation, which was founded by Poe herself. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to prevent violence against women.

Aim of Ryka

The primary objective of Ryka is to provide women with athletic shoes, which are designed especially for them and made according to the shape of their feet, their muscle movement, and their unique build. These shoes are not just another smaller version of a man’s sports shoe! These shoes are made for women, where their individuality is celebrated because they deserve the best, including better shoes, better rights, and of course, a better world! Ryka shoes stand for a change with the power of women because, at Ryka, they believe that if women stand together, they can change the world.

Who Are They

At Ryka, they believe that women are stronger if they stick together, and so will become a powerful force. They believe that when women are part of fitness programs, they will be able to build their confidence and self-esteem. Keeping this in mind, Ryka fully supports and is a strong part of, the fitness industry by having alliances with fitness groups, such as Curves, Jazzercise, and R.I.P.P.E.D. They also provide their support to sports and fitness professionals in the industry by sharing inspiration and creating an active community on social media.

Shoes Made For Women

The ideology for Ryka shoes stresses on women; they claim these shoes are made for women because they believe that they should not settle for anything less than the best kind of athletic footwear. They have a signature “made for women fit”, which is customized in order to fit the women’s feet in the best possible way. This means having a roomier forefoot, a narrower heel, a secure footbed – these provide greater control.

Different Types of Ryka Shoes

Ryka makes shoes for all kinds of women, especially for them and for all types of physical activities they do. Women can find the right type of footwear they are looking for based on their activities and preference. So, whether it is for a high-intensity workout that they plan to do, or for a simple walk in the park, or even for a dance class, these shoes are designed keeping in mind the perfect blend of style and comfort for each individual activity.


There are separate shoes made especially for cross-training. This means you can use these specific pairs of shoes for cardio, your high-intensity workouts, your R.U.M.B.L.E or R.I.P.P.E.D class. These shoes will help you perform your best as you get your heart pumping. These shoes are the best choice for these kinds of activities since they are able to provide responsive cushioning, impact protection and a lot of support to your feet when you are doing intensive workouts.

Dance and Studio Fitness

A dancing class obviously requires a different type of shoe, especially when you are doing the Jazzercise – where you need perfect support and comfort as well. Ryka makes shoes for women who undertake these activities, keeping in mind the requirements. These dance and studio-specific shoes are ideal for all the studio classes but are great for kickboxing as well. Not only are they incredibly stylish, very supportive, but they also have pivot points that provide flexibility for smooth turns – this helps during dancing, especially with the steps.

Fitness Walking

There are plenty of women who just like to go for a walk or a jog in the park, or early in the mornings. There is no need for a high impact shoe, yet it has to provide the perfect fit, comfort, and support. For this reason, Ryka makes shoes for fitness walking; they are super comfortable. They provide excellent support along with flexibility and traction, which is needed for walking shoes. They also have extra arch support and have cushioned insoles, along with durable outsoles.

Water Fitness

Sometimes it may be challenging to find the right type of shoes for outdoor water activities for women. Luckily, Ryka has realized just that and has made the perfect shoe for women that like to indulge in water-related activities. Ryka has these unique shoes for your water aerobics class and the ideal shoe for your next kayaking or paddle-boarding trip. The shoes designed for this purpose have multi-port drainage systems, and are lightweight and comfortable!

Ryka Running

What is a sports shoe if there are no options for running? Ryka also makes excellent shoes for women that run. These are long-lasting, provide exceptional support, and are light in weight, making them ideal for short-distance running. 

Everyday Shoes

Ryka believes that life is more than just a workout, and so they have a range of shoes for merely everyday wear. The everyday shoes provide a stylish yet sporty look to your attire in the super comfortable daily wear shoe range by Ryka.


Since Ryka has something for everyone, they also have a vast collection of boots. These are ideal for any kind of weather since they are water-repellent and have durable soles with cozy linings, making them comfortable and long-lasting.

Ryka eEmpower

These shoes are from an “elite” collection by Ryka, which are designed especially for women so that they can be loud and can live fearlessly.

The eEmpower collections of athletic shoes are made with the finest quality of materials; they have luxe details, along with custom-designed stretch knits, with a soft as pillow microfiber lining that is entirely durable. Moreover, this unique collection of shoes offers the latest in technology in footwear, innovated by Ryka itself. These shoes include Re-ZORB technology, providing responsive cushioning for shock absorption and impact protection. Also, this collection of athletic shoes also has heel support and anatomical insoles, which have additional arch support and super light construction.

Ryka Technology and Features

The shoes at Ryka are constructed with not just the utmost care and comfort, but also with the latest technology. This is able to provide the support needed for various physical activities.

·      Re-Zorb

This is about responsive cushioning on the shoes. It is compound foam that provides comfort and cushioning, along with shock absorption. There is heel cushioning at the back of the shoe, and a flexible forefoot in the front.

·      Pivot Point

This is yet another feature in Ryka shoes that allows the user smooth transitions, especially in their studio-based fitness exercises. It focuses on increased control and traction.

·      Drainage System

Ryka has shoes designed especially for water activities and, as such, they also have the required technology that is able to provide necessary features in the shoes. The shoes, equipped with a “drainage system”, are made for water fitness activities and have a multi-port drainage system in the midsole. These shoes are entirely lightweight and allow water to escape quickly, ultimately keeping them dry. There is sticky rubber on the sole of the shoes which provides better traction on wet surfaces, and the upper part of the shoe has the ability for a quick and dry chlorine solid top.

·      CSS (Comfort Surround System)

Ryka shoes also have another great feature, which is the comfort surround system that provides the user with a comfortable experience with their heel-to-toe system that provides extra cushioning in the insoles of the shoes, the softest possible materials, and a flexible and lightweight outsole.

·      Anatomically Precise Return Insole

This is the shoe construction which provides arch and heel support. Through this, the user gets extra arch and heel support along with greater cushioning, and that is able to provide an anatomically and well-molded insole constructed to fit a woman’s feet perfectly.

·      Slip Resist

What is the point of wearing comfortable shoes if they make you slip? This is why Ryka shoes are well constructed not just with high-quality materials that provide comfort and durability, but also provide well-rounded support. This is through their slip-resistant traction outsole, giving the user protection in case of slippery surfaces, and thus increased stability.

·      Memory Foam

The best kinds of materials are used in the construction of Ryka shoes, and so memory foam is also used in them. It provides unique comfort through the custom-made foam cushioning, designed for molding to the shape of the feet.

Reviews of Ryka Shoes

Ryka has the goal to provide the best possible shoes to women that they can wear on a daily basis, without any discomfort or problems. These shoes are designed for specific purposes and aim to provide women with the perfect shoe for their workouts, exercises, and their daily life so that they are comfortable all day long and not suffer from problems. Some of the best-selling Ryka shoes are reviewed below:

·      Ryka Influence

Ryka Influence is one of the best running shoes which are versatile enough and can be used for both running, as well as for cross-training workouts. Ryka Influence can be used for almost everything since they are both durable and comfortable. There are ample shock absorption and a high bounce, along with stability with its padded collar and tongue, giving additional support. Ryka Influence can also be used easily on rough terrains since they are durable and undoubtedly provide the user with a value for money.


  • They are versatile,
  • There are plenty of color options,
  • It has a padded collar and tongue,
  • Responsive.


  • They have a narrow fit.

·      Ryka Devotion

Ryka Devotion Plus 2 is yet another great pair of shoes by Ryka for women. These are one of the most popular shoes by the brand. Not only are these shoes super comfortable, but they are also breathable, and the ideal pair of shoes for those women who want something specifically for themselves. These are primarily running shoes, and are made with high quality 100% fabric that ensures that there is enough ventilation for your feet so that they can stay dry and cool. There is a lacing system on the shoes, which exists to provide the user with the most secure fit. The footbed is removable and this way, the user can also choose their comfort levels. There is also a padded tongue and collar that helps in preventing blisters or chafing and keeps the feet comfortable. Moreover, Ryka Devotion also provides excellent shock absorption with its Re-Zorb cushioning technology, along with the cobblestone pods in the shoe, keeping the cushioning for your feet at optimal levels and keeping you from worrying about shock absorption.

When it comes to stability, Ryka Devotion Plus 2 has a narrow heel cup which helps to keep the heels stable. The best part is that, not only is the toe box roomy, yet it is secure enough to keep the feet in place so that there is no rubbing or chafing of the toes against the inside of the shoes. Further stability is provided with the removable footbed that gives a secure fit and prevents the feet or the ankles from rolling when you run. As far as durability is concerned, the shoes are made with eight pieces of rubber skeletal outsole, along with the upper part of the shoe, which is made of double breathable mesh. This combination helps to ensure that these shoes are ideal for running and built to last, as long as you use them only on the terrain that they are meant for. Overall, Ryka Devotion shoes are a genuinely good value for money and highly cost-effective. These shoes are an excellent investment since they are comfortable, stylish, and breathable!


  • They are quite flexible,
  • The shoes have ortholite insoles,
  • Excellent quality construction of the shoes,
  • Lightweight,
  • It has eight pieces of skeletal construction.


  • These are not the ideal pair of shoes for trail running.

·      Ryka Ultimate

Ryka Ultimate is also one of the best-selling and the most popular shoes for running. These are an excellent pair of shoes for those women that are looking for something versatile and trustworthy. Not only are they comfortable and responsive, but they are also breathable. Ryka technology also makes them the best pair of shoes with their cushioning and shock absorption.  When it comes to comfort, just like other Ryka shoes, Ryka Ultimate is also not far behind; however, if you have small or narrow feet, it is better to buy one size bigger for better comfort levels. When it comes to shock absorption, the shoes provide ample support to the ankles and are the right choice for women who run heavy and have a hard strike. These are also ideal for those who are looking for some bounce and cushioning in their running shoes.

Not only is the cushioning excellent, but Ryka Ultimate also offers great support for the feet. In fact, they are an excellent choice for women who have flat feet and need some extra arch support in their shoes. Moreover, just like other Ryka shoes, Ryka Ultimate is also constructed with high-quality materials, which ensures durability alongside the latest technology used in the shoes. These shoes are a great buy, and indeed a value for money.


  • These shoes have excellent cushioning, shock absorption, and bounce,
  • They are comfortable and soft,
  • Ideal for those who have flat feet,
  • A great choice for those who want additional arch support, sole protection, and ankle support,
  • Helps to improve running,
  • Latest technology and high-quality construction of shoes.


  • Size can be a little narrow.

·      Ryka Radiant

The Ryka Radiant Plus walking shoes are ideal for those women that are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, which provides ample support for their athletic activities. These shoes, just like other Ryka shoes, are designed especially for the feminine foot shape, and have even won many awards; including the “best for walking and workouts shoes” by the magazine called Shape. 

The Ryka Radiant shoes have a heel which is quite narrow, and there is also a lot of room in the forefoot. The shoe is also very comfortable due to the ample amount of cushioning which is inside the shoe, thanks to their unique technology called precise return insole. This is ideal for those people that have bone spurs or have recently gone through surgery for the same. The Ryka Radiant shoes are perfect for wearing for walks or even for hiking, as it allows the feet to take pressure easily. They also provide enough cushioning for the feet, so it can take on the pressure which is again great for people that have arthritis. Moreover, these shoes have yet another unique technology called Re-Zorb technology, which provides both comfort and cushioning. 

The Ryka Radiant walking shoes are also very durable, since they are made with high-quality materials and construction, and they are also breathable, so your feet will stay nice and dry even after wearing them for an extended period of time. These are surely a good value for money, and it is no surprise that these are one of the highest-rated shoes in the industry.


  • The shoes are light in weight,
  • They have a rubber sole,
  • They are made with air mesh, leather, and high-density foam upper sole,
  • There is an EVA midsole.


  • The size may be a bit narrow for most people.

·      Ryka Mules

Ryka shoes have a great variety of mules as well. There are Ryka luxury mules, as well as casual ones amongst the different types. The Ryka Mules are just as comfortable as all of their other walking or running shoes and they are also equipped with unique technologies and features. 

The Ryka Mules are excellent for walking and quite useful for relieving pain, which may be caused by corn, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other issues related to the feet. These shoes are great to slip on, and can be worn with a variety of different outfits, and are great for women with mobility issues, which could make it hard for them to deal with laces and straps. Moreover, they have a lightweight construction, which is high quality and lasts long. The shoes, just like other Ryka shoes, are well-cushioned and are comfortable to wear. They are also safe to wear since they are slip-resistant and have extra traction.


  • They are lightweight,
  • Available in different colors and styles,
  • The shoes are well constructed and durable,
  • Easy to wear without dealing with straps or laces,
  • Great cushioning and comfortable.


  • There is no arch support.


Ryka footwear has come a long way since 1980 when it was founded. While the company has gone through many changes and evolved in different ways, their core values remain the same – to provide women with the best possible workout shoe that fits the contour of their feet and, ultimately, their lifestyle. When Ryka was founded, women were underserved in the athletic footgear department, and many times, women with a large foot size had to find shoes from the men’s range. Thanks to Ryka, it is no longer the case, and women can now choose a wide variety of shoes for all kinds of physical activities that they do. The Ryka shoes are not just comfortable and breathable, but are also long-lasting and durable, which is why they are a great investment. Moreover, Ryka shoes are also excellent for the feet, since it takes care of the basic issues that can cause problems with walking, or the problems with wearing shoes for an extended period of time. Finally, there are shoes for women, which are perfect in every way and value for money.