12 Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Every avid runner out there is aware of the problems caused by poor footwear. A wrong pair of shoes can not only diminish your performance, but they can also hurt you. Poor footwear can bruise your toes, cause blisters and inflammation, and tighten up your muscles. The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society acknowledge that the wrong footwear can cause feet and ankle problems, so runners should wear the right footwear. A good pair of shoes safeguards you from all sorts of injuries and makes your running time smooth and comfortable.

Salomon has been producing trail running shoes for nearly seven decades. It has a wide range of shoes that provide runners with the best products. We have highlighted some of the best trail running shoes by Salomon and what factors to look for to help make your decision making the process easier.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying


Price is a conclusive factor. You should clearly examine the specifications and features of your shoe and evaluate whether it is worth the investment or not. Try to find a budget-friendly pair of shoes and do not resist spending extra bucks if you find something of superior quality.


You will only be able to excel as a trail runner if you have a comfortable pair of shoes with yourself. Check out the ergonomic factors of the shoes: the toe cap should be wide enough to accommodate the front of your feet and shouldn’t give you a feeling of congestion, and the design should be breathable so it can keep your feet ventilated.

In order to give you a convenient running experience, the shoes should be padded and cushioned. Make sure you check the quality of the lace and its length so you do not have to perform the menial activity of tying up laces every few steps.


Buying a pair of shoes is a hefty investment. You should always check the material of the shoe before buying it; it should be able to survive the rough and tough weather conditions. You should be able to make it last for at least a few months.

12 Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Salomon is a leading brand that has attracted many customers towards its running shoes. In this guide, we are mentioning some of the top-notch Salomon running shoes so that you can easily pick up one for yourself.

Speedcross 5


The Speedcross 5 is by far the best trail running shoe produced by Salomon. It has a sleek design and comes in six different colors; this gives you a variety of colors so you can get ready to head out for your next adventure in any trail.

These shoes have deep and large lugs on the outsole that provide you with an optimum grip on uneven, soft, and muddy surfaces. These lugs help adhere to the surface and increase the durability of the shoe. The EnergyCell+ compound of the midsole provides you with adequate padding beneath your feet to protect you from any shocks. This compound grants you high-energy returns so that you can safely land your feet no matter what type of striker you are.

The upper part of the shoe is intricately designed as it is not stitched but welded; the welded construction fits you like a glove. The forefoot is wide enough to accommodate wiggly toes as well. Furthermore, SensiFit extends to the midsole, giving you a secure and accurate fitting around your foot. It is made up of mesh that prevents all sorts of debris from entering the shoe; your feet will be safe from sand particles, thorns, and protruded rocks.

The laces are strong enough to let you conveniently tie them up just with a single pull. The Ortholite insole increases your comfort level by providing you with added cushioning and padding around your feet; it quickly molds itself to the contours of your foot, thus giving you a customized feeling.

The construction of the shoes gives you a stable and sturdy grip on various terrains. They protect you from slipping and enable you to firmly land your foot on the ground. The upper construction and lower padding protect your feet and save them from all types of injuries.


  • Great for soft and muddy trails
  • Provides greater traction
  • Affordable
  • Wider forefoot
  • Fits comfortably


  • Is not breathable
  • Too expensive

S/Lab Sense 7


The S/Lab Sense 7 by Salomon comes in an attractive combination of red and white. They weigh approximately 200g, which makes them one of the lightweight trail running shoes you can get for yourself. The efficient lugs enable you to use this pair of shoes in multiple terrains, from paved roads to cross country courses, flat surfaces to rough trails.

It features Endofit technology that keeps your feet firm and grants you precision throughout the race. The presence of the integrated sock liner and hydrophobic mesh gives you a snug and secure fitting. The breathable upper mesh keeps your feet ventilated and quickly dries your shoes; this means that you can easily wear them during summers, making it an ideal pair for longer races which ensures protection as well as breathability.

Keeping with the minimalist approach of the shoes, it has a low heel-to-toe drop. The minimum cushioning not only makes your feet comfortable and cozy but also keeps them secure. This low-to the ground design makes it easier to attain speedy strides and provides optimum flexibility.


  • Best for longer races
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Not suitable for muddy or icy terrains
  • Expensive

S/Lab Ultra 2


The S/Lab Ultra 2 comes in a fierce combination of red and black. The transition of color from red in the forefoot to black in the rear foot symbolizes its durability that it is going to accompany you from dawn to dusk. The outsole uses a ContraGrip MA compound that balances your posture and empowers you to run on different tricky trails with firm support.
The unique pattern of the lugs provides you with enhanced traction on various surfaces. It has reverse lugs in the back for braking and going downhill; whereas, the pointed lugs present in the front help in climbing. The midsole has polyurethane (PU) foam and an Energy Cell which gives you protection and energy with each step.

The upper part is stitch-free and has a Skin Guard; this Skin Guard is injected with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) mesh that protects your feet during lateral and medial moves while increasing the durability of the shoes in high-abrasion areas.

The shoe’s design prioritizes comfort and gives you the feeling of wearing a customized pair. Endofit is an internal sleeve that fits your shoes at precisely the right places. It has a molded sock-liner, known as the Molded EVA, which highly increases your comfort level by hugging your feet. This product is the most cushioned out of the entire Salomon running shoes collection.


  • Versatile product
  • Protective midsole and upper
  • Provides a sock-like fitting


  • Toe box is narrow for some buyers
  • Slim-fit shoe

Salomon Sense Pro 2


The Salomon Sense Pro 2 is the perfect partner for all those adventurers out there who love mountainous trails. It seems like a minimalist trail shoe but it can become your best friend in mountainous and rough trails. The Wet ContraGrip outsole has gripped lugs that provide you with greater traction on topsy turvy surfaces. The presence of a Pro Film Feel rock plate augments stability and provides protection.

The LT muscle foam grants you with additional cushioning and acts as a shock absorber; this, along with the compressed and injected EVA mesh, not only ensures the protection of your feet but increases flexibility too. This layer, combined with the Pro Film Feel rock plate, acts as an additional line of defense.

The S/Lab upper has a stitch-free structure that increases flexibility and reduces the conventional stiffness of the stitched material. The feet fit firmly into the shoes due to the presence of Endofit and Sensofit technology. A considerably wide toe bumper is present that covers the forefront safeguarding it from receiving any injury by bumping into any rock.

The Energy+ midsole helps energize your every move and recharges you for the next step. With its design, it is able to provide enough protection and stability that is required by a strong trail shoe. It responds better due to its lightweight. Furthermore, you can tie up your laces with a single strong pull, preventing them from nagging you while running.


  • Suitable for rugged and mountainous trails
  • Lightweight and cushioned
  • Excellent outsole lugs


  • Not suitable for smooth trails
  • People with wider toes can have a problem

Sense Ride 3


This all-rounder pair of shoes comes in five exciting colors that can easily go well with any sort of outfit; you can easily pick any classic color of your choice. The Sense Ride 3 is designed in such a way that it can handle a wide range of terrains. A blend of high-density rubber, ContraGrip, is present in the outsole that provides you with greater traction on slippery trails.

The midsole incorporates a combination of foams named Optivibe; this material reduces vibration when your feet strike the ground and thus diminishes muscle fatigue. This technology gives you an empowering ride by providing maximum comfort. The presence of the Profeel Film provides additional cushioning and stability by neutralizing sharp surfaces.
The Sensifit technology, present from the midsole to the heel, gives you a customized fitting. The stitch-free upper, along with an internal sleeve, help the shoes precisely fit your feet. The outsole is super padded due to the usage of the Orthlite material; this additional padding, paired with the textile lining mesh, not only increases durability but also makes the shoes breathable.

These shoes also come with a lace pocket that you can easily use to store your laces. People with wider feet will love these shoes, as they have a wider toe cap and prevent any feeling of congestion.


  • Suitable for any sort of rough terrains
  • Breathable
  • Work well for people with wider feet


  • Do not work well in muddy trails
  • The laces are far too long

S/Lab XA Amphib 2 Water Shoes


The S/Lab XA Amphib 2 Water Shoes come in an amazing combination of black and transcend blue. Staying true to its name, the pair is a water warrior; it is your best companion in country-side trips that are full of streams and muddy spots. The ContraGrip outsole, along with the premium wet traction rubber lugs, help you get an unyielding grip on the surface so you do not fall even in wet areas. These massive lugs quickly shed any mud and let you move forward with ease.

The shoes’ mesh is a savior as it stays light in the water and dries up quickly when on the ground. The ability to instantly expel water and the dual-intensity midsole makes it the perfect partner for longer races in watery areas. The injected TPU mesh in the upper part of the shoes shields your feet from debris and sharp rocks.

It consists of Endofit and Sensifit technology, providing you with ample cushioning and a precise fitting. The single layer of mesh gives you a comfy feeling by hugging your feet at all the right places and by providing stability. The whole design gives you enough protection, stability, and motion control to make your running experience really smooth.


  • Expels water quickly
  • Dual-intensity EVA midsole
  • Great for marshy terrains


  • Difficult to get into the shoes
  • A little expensive

XA Pro 3D


The Salomon XA Pro 3D is an all-rounder pair of shoes that are great for all types of runners, from road runners to mountaineers. It comes in four attractive shades that will level up your look, along with helping in your running. The 3D chassis provides you with ample protection on rugged terrains and keeps your strides consistent. This technology energizes your every step and grants you stability.

It is equipped with a full premium wet traction grip that gives you a strong grip even in arid areas. Keeping in mind the different types of terrains it can be used in, Salomon has made extra effort to take care of your effort and protection with this model; the toe cap acts as an additional security barrier and the Molded Ortholite provides a lot of cushioning to your feet. These features enhance the shoes’ breathability and durability.

An internal glove stretches from the midsole to your heel, giving you a precise fitting. The shoes are breathable and extremely convenient to put on due to the quick lace feature.


  • Versatile pair
  • Upper mesh dries quickly
  • 3D chassis provides extra stability
  • Quick lace feature


  • The heel cap is not shock absorbent
  • Too heavy for some customers

Salomon Ultra/Pro


The Salomon Ultra/Pro trail running shoes are ideal for longer runs. If you want to win a marathon, then no pair can give you a better company than this one. These shoes come in three different combinations of bright colors. They let you run fast while giving you enough protection and convenience.

The energy-saving midsole has a long-lasting polyurethane (PU) foam that gives you the right amount of energy to flawlessly traverse your trail. The presence of a braking zone aids you in descending a path. The deep lugs of the shoes keep your feet grounded even in muddy areas and prevent you from slipping.

Sensifit’s floating wings keep adjusting your feet with every single move, giving you a higher sense of protection. The cushioning of these shoes increases with the size, so it no longer works on the principle of being one for all. The welded upper, along with the Endofit, generously fits your feet and accommodates them well. The shoes are well-ventilated due to the presence of the 3D mesh.

The heel and toe cap are comparatively wider than other products by Salomon. You won’t have to worry about the time-consuming activity of tying up your shoelaces due to the quick lace feature.


  • Viable for fast runners
  • Provides greater traction
  • Aces in tough terrains


  • Expensive
  • Some customers feel it is too narrow

X-Mission 3


The X-Mission 3 by Salomon is available in a chic black color that is bound to work with any sort of outfit. It works wonderfully on paved trails and is admired as an urban trail shoe. It provides powerful traction on multiple surfaces due to its multi-patterned lugs. You will have a 3D grip on all types of surfaces, whether they are hard, smooth, soft, or rugged.

The midsole features an EnergyCell technology, a high-end EVA foam, that increases shock absorption and recharges your every step. The footwear’s upper part is stitch-free, which makes it flexible and provides protection to your feet. It has two Sensiflex wings to keep your foot firmly place while supporting foot expansion.

A molded sock-liner provides comfort to your foot, while the Sensifit technology grants accurate cushioning and strength to your feet. The shoes are flexible, durable, and give you excellent traction on the ground’s surface. The pair is breathable and ventilated so that you don’t end up with soggy feet after a run.


  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Remarkable as an urban trail running shoe
  • High shock-absorbing capacity
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for tricky terrains
  • The ankle collar is high, which might be uncomfortable
  • Too narrow for some people

Alphacross GTX


The aggressive-looking Alphacross GTX by Salomon comes in four exciting colors, from lighter hues of cedarwood and smoke blue to grey and black. This shoe gives you powerful traction on different surfaces. The outsole has ContraGrip material, along with deep Chevron patterned lugs, that give you a sturdy grip on wet, muddy, and slippery surfaces.
A GORE-TEX membrane covers the shoe in order to make the pair durable in harsh weather conditions; this ensures the shoes’ survival as well as keeping your feet dry.

The presence of a woven material, Ripstop fabric, saves the shoe from quick wear and tear and also delays erosion. The insole consists of an OrthoLite die-cut, which is carved according to the shape of the foot to provide maximum cushioning and optimum support. You will get conventional laces with regular eyelets with these shoes.


  • 3D grip on surfaces
  • Great for muddy and wet areas
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Regular laces
  • Very narrow fit

Snowcross 2 CSWP


This black combative shoe is ideal for running in harsher conditions. All those who love adventures in winters won’t have to worry about their footwear; the Snowcross 2 CSWP’s specialized design and robust material help you sail smoothly through the most turbulent weather.

The ContraGrip sole and aggressive lugs provide you with enough traction on icy tracks so that you don’t slip even in the wettest areas. The midsole has lightweight muscle and injected EVA that makes it lighter and provides the runner with adequate padding and support.

This shoe’s primary characteristic is its waterproof gaiter along with a zipper that keeps water and snow from entering. The ClimaSalomon waterproof membrane acts as a thermal insulator and protects your feet. It consists of an ankle pad and a toe cap that provides additional protection to your feet.


  • Aggressive grip
  • Waterproof structure
  • Has zip gaiters
  • Highly protective


  • Less durable compared to other Salomon shoes
  • Does not keep the feet too warm

XA Elevate


The dynamic XA Elevate comes in two eye-catching colors. It goes well on all sorts of terrains, except for muddy areas. The outsole has a ContraGrip material that gives you a sturdy grip. The multidirectional lugs are not deep, implying that it can also be used for road running. The advanced chassis present between the midsole and outsole manages motion control, keeping you stable and protected.

The GORE-TEX membrane helps keep your feet dry from the inside as well as from the outside. The ProFeel film cushions your feet on rocks and uneven surfaces, giving you maximum comfort. The 3D mesh keeps your feet ventilated and prevents debris from getting trapped under your feet. The upper part is water-repellent so your feet will be dry throughout your run.

Your feet will remain guarded due to the presence of the toe cap and stone guard. The pair of shoes provides you with ample cushioning and padding so you do not feel any sort of inconvenience during your run. The quick-lace feature enables you to instantly tie up your laces with a single tug, so it’s not time-consuming.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Provides powerful traction


  • Narrow fit
  • Not suitable for muddy trails

Buying Guide

There are a few factors that you should keep in mind before you purchase a trail running shoe. The factors that will help you pick the right type of footwear are mentioned below:

Running Terrains

There are different types of terrains, so you must choose a pair of shoes accordingly. You should select the shoes that are the most appropriate according to your running needs and that provide optimum support to your feet.

Types of Terrains

Racing Terrain

Lightweight shoes are really handy for racing trails. If you have to race or need to increase your speed, then a lightweight pair will be the most suitable for you. Lighter shoes help you tread smoothly and effortlessly.

Muddy Terrain

You need footwear that has stronger sole and deep lugs to provide you with a sturdy grip on muddy trails. The deeper lugs help you keep a strong grip on the ground and move forward flawlessly.

Steep and Difficult Terrains

If you want to go running in steep or uneven terrains, then you should look for shoes that provide maximum protection and security. The toe caps and ankle pads should be sturdy enough to help you avoid any possible injury. A shoe with a durable and firm material will provide strength and stability.


A good-looking shoe will be of no use if it does not fit your feet properly. Fitting is the most important factor in terms of footwear. Runners that have wider feet should look for shoes that can conveniently accommodate their feet, while those that have narrow feet should look for slim-fit shoes.

The best way to get an idea about a pair of shoes’ fitting is by trying them on yourself; this will also give you an insight into the shoes’ ergonomic factors. If you are ordering online, then you should get your size taken by an expert beforehand; this way, you will be easily able to find shoes online and will not have any issue with the size afterwards.


You are bound to come across various types of terrains on trails; all those who run in the countryside are aware of flowing streams and muddy areas. A water-resistant shoe will keep your feet dry by preventing water from entering the shoes.


Your appearance is what will cast a positive or negative impression on people; hence, you should look for a pair of shoes that are aesthetically appealing. You might be worried about them shoes eventually getting dirty, but that should not stand in the way of you owning a stylish pair of trail running shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customers have various queries while buying trail running shoes for themselves. Amateur customers are bound to get confused at some point, so we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by customers below:

  • Are racing shoes and trail running shoes the same?

No, running shoes and trail running shoes are two different things. Many people are confused and think that they’re similar, but they’re not. Road running shoes are meant for attaining maximum speed and are comparatively lighter than trail running shoes; they enhance your speed on the paved road.

However, a trail is not paved like a road; it can be muddy, icy, watery, grassy, steep, or soft. Trail running shoes provide you with a sturdy grip on the ground and give you ample protection with padding to save your feet from getting hurt. The design and specifications of both are highly different, just like their purpose.

  • How to maintain trail running shoes?

Trail running shoes are surely a hefty investment and you won’t want them to be worn out quickly. The best way to take care of them is to follow the instructions by heart. Moreover, if you want to prolong your shoes’ life, then carry two pairs of shoes on your trips. It takes time for the mesh, sole, and inner lining of the shoes to dry out completely; thus, another pair of shoes will give them proper time to dry out, ultimately prolonging their life and durability.

  • When to get a new pair of shoes?

Customers are often perplexed about when to buy a new pair of shoes for themselves. After a month of using your shoe and getting comfortable with it, you should order a new pair of shoes; this does not mean that your shoes will last only for a month, but this is a precautionary step. Shoe companies often discontinue or upgrade the model after every six to eight months, so if you have already bought a pair, then it will save you from getting one at the last moment.


Salomon is a leading brand that produces high-end products. We have mentioned the best trail running shoes produced by Salomon above to help you pick the best one for yourself. Each pair has different features that are suitable for a particular terrain. You should choose whichever shoe best suits your preferred type of terrain, comfort level, style, and budgetary limit. Surely, you won’t regret buying any of these as they are one of the leading products present in the market and will greatly help you enjoy your running journey.